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At present, a lot of large scale construction projects and production lines are in need of much sand making machine aggregate. The machine made sand has a wide range of applications in modern times. The new generation of sand recovery device can handle the waste water quickly and effectively in order to get fine sand and stone powder mixed in the waste water. The perfect combination of the sand recovery device and the sand washer prevents the environment pollution and low yield problems caused by the sand wasting. All this will lead to great economic profits for customers and will push the social economy forward.

Fine sand recycling and washing machine features. The sand washer has high washing cleanliness and causes no pollution or little sand loss during the washing process. Designed with rational structure, novel seal structure, totally enclosed oil bath type gearing and adjustable overflow weir plate. Very little medium sand, fine sand and stone powder loss during the washing process. The grading and fineness modulus of building sand washed are all up to industrial standard. Handling capacity is great and power consumption is low. The sand washer saves water resources and causes no pollution. It is quite durable. Easy to maintain and convenient to operate.

The sand washer has the ability to remove mud and dust from sand. The new type of sealing structure and the reliable driving device adopted by the sand washer guarantee the effective cleaning function. The sand washer has advantages of high reduction ratio, low energy and water consumption and low fine sand wasting. In the production line, the waste water discharged by the sand washer has contained much mud and fine sand which will easily cause the settling pond to block and cause the fine sand to run off. In this case, we can use the sand recovery device to collect the sand.

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Along with our country city changes a process accelerate ceaselessly, demand, industrial building, road on the stone with yearly growing. Countries to continue sustainable, theconstruction waste crusher sales command is prohibited except to clean up the river outside the unauthorized exploitation activities. Because the traditional stone backward technology, low level of output, product quality uneven, supply of natural stone has been greatly to catch up with demand, many places appeared due to the shortage of raw materials continue to delay time are frequent. But for some special needs of industry, due to particle size, hardness, strict requirement, can meet the requirements of the stone is more difficult to find its trace. For this kind of contradiction, a senior construction industry insiders have deep feelings. A large number of high quality residential construction in urgent need of uniform stone raw materials precision, but because of local manufacturers limited production capacity, production process backward, unable to also take into account the needs of all. To this end, he also went to other provinces and cities are looking for, but for various reasons it. New stone production equipment research and development have been imminent. In the face of market expectations, all research, production organization project development, the market also appeared a few new machinery.
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Cost is the main factor affecting the new river pebble sand maker machine and is the original price that determines the value of the equipment. The cost mainly includes technology, process, raw materials, labor, transportation, time, etc. When the above cost is relatively high, then the price of the equipment is relatively high; on the contrary, the price of the equipment will be lower, equipment price and cost In a positive relationship. Competition is mainly reflected in whether the market competition is fierce. When the competition in the market is relatively fierce, competitors may adopt flexible methods such as price changes to sell equipment to increase market share. At this time, the relative price of equipment is relatively low.

When the demand for the new type of river pebble sand making machine is relatively large, then there will be a shortage of supply, the equipment price is generally high; on the contrary, when the demand is relatively small, the equipment on the market will be slow-moving. There is a large backlog of equipment inventory, and the price of equipment is generally low.

Introduction of new river pebble sand making machine

The new river pebble sand making machine is also called impact crusher. It is a common crushing equipment in the river pebble production line. This equipment plays a very important role in the process of river pebble production and processing. Its structure is simple and the design is novel and unique. The installation is convenient and simple, the operation is stable and reliable, the processing volume is large, the output is high, the energy consumption is low, the finished product has excellent particle size, can be used in one machine, and has strong flexibility in use.

The new type of cobble sand making machine, which is worthy of recommendation in many aspects, has several main reasons: rich production experience, exquisite workmanship, high equipment quality, good performance, large processing capacity and low operating cost. The new river pebble sand making machine has strong application flexibility, wide application range, high degree of automation and safe and reliable operation. The system is equipped with an advanced and strict device system, which is free from noise and dust pollution during operation, and the environmental protection effect is more remarkable. It is a direct sales company, the equipment is directly ex-factory price, the price is very affordable. After-sales is more perfect, with a professional after-sales team, timely and effective after-sales.

add to favorites Raymond mill for bentonite mineral processing Pc  
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China's bentonite mineral resources have more than 80 million tons, Jiaxing larger proportion of bentonite ore production. Bentonite for the development of new products and research, market development, improve competitiveness and laid a resource base.

According to incomplete statistics, the annual production and sales volume of bentonite products in China is about 2.7 million tons, of which 1,100,000 tons are used for foundry sand, 70 tons for drilling muds and 450,000 tons for metallurgical pellets for decoloration of oils (activity Clay) 200,000 tons for the other 20 to 300,000 tons.

Industry is characterized by small-scale enterprises, low technology, because it is resource-based industries and competition is not very fierce, production, sales and prices are rising year by year. Due to the year-on-year increase in output, which will require the technical support of the Jiaxing Mill industry.

The traditional Raymond grinder process is far from meeting the market demand. Only the new skilled mill and the increasingly sophisticated and intelligent crushing mill Powder process is what people demand.

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Wear protection of Ultrafine Mill rollers in production can reduce production costs while ensuring the successful completion of production tasks. Here's how to prevent the wear of rollers.

The roller is a component that directly participates in the crushing work of the ore during the Ultrafine Mill production process. Due to the strong friction, impact, etc., with the hard ore, the roller is extremely vulnerable to damage during the production process, and should be damaged when damaged. Replacement Otherwise, the equipment is difficult to work normally, and replacing the grinding roller of the ultra-fine mill equipment will increase the operating cost of the equipment, so to solve this problem, to prevent the abrasion of the grinding roller, the ultrafine mill is produced. How to prevent the wear of the roller during the process?

The key point is to fundamentally prevent wear and tear, which mainly refers to the production material of the roller. If high-quality steel is used to produce the roller part, it can increase its strength, so that it can be reduced in production because of the Damage to the impact; The second point is the hardness problem of the feed during the production process of the ultra-fine mill.

add to favorites New sand making machine assists dry powder sand making Pc  

In the field of dry powder sand making equipment, the requirements for the sand making machine are relatively high. Firstly, in terms of grain type, it must conform to the national standard of dry powder sand, and the finished product must be in the form of a cube. The new sand making machine designed by our company uses shock and counterattack. The principle is to realize the crushing of materials. The three-layer rotor crushing cavity type is adopted, and the principle of mechanics is scientifically utilized, which not only improves the crushing efficiency, but also ensures the excellent granularity of the finished product.

For the dry powder field, the finished product size is below 3mm. According to the characteristics of dry powder sand, the new sand making machine developed by our company adopts automatic lubrication and intelligent control device, which can realize the timing fixed lubrication of the bearing, firstly guarantee the long-term stability of the equipment. The operation, the intelligent control device can realize the automatic adjustment of the rotor, and the size of the discharge can be controlled by adjusting the rotation speed. The finished product size can reach 120 mesh, which can fully meet the requirements of the dry powder sand.

The sand making machine considers energy saving, high efficiency, stability, scientific and other aspects, and combines various advantages into one. The automatic lubrication system is used to lubricate the bearing to ensure the stability of the new numerical control sand machine. The internal rotor speed can be controlled by frequency conversion control. To meet the different needs of customers for coarse sand, medium sand and fine sand, it has the effect of energy saving and shaping. The hammer head is cast with new alloy material, the hammer head has high service life, and the hammer head also has adjustability, which greatly enhances the hammer head. The utilization rate reduces the cost of using the customer.

add to favorites Grinding technology of calcium carbonate mill Pc  

There are many kinds of production requirements for Ultrafine Mill Process, and they are widely distributed. There may be large reserves of limestone in each country's land. Limestone is a typical representative of ore processing. Limestone can be used to produce calcium carbonate and limestone. Resources are widely distributed in China and rich in reserves. They are a kind of resource with wide application. Limestone has great processing value in industry. Calcium carbonate mill can produce a variety of products with different particle sizes. It has a wide range of application and good grinding effect. The equipment has the advantages of small footprint, strong set performance, stable rotation and high automation. In order to meet the needs of the market and users, the calcium mill has continuously absorbed various high-tech and other milling production technologies, improving the performance and grinding characteristics of the equipment, so that it can be used in the grinding of various materials. Good production results.

The set of equipment adopts the host frequency conversion setting and the high sealing performance makes the Ultrafine Mill Production Line more safe in production. The grinding roller device can make the material have better grinding effect in the grinding process, and the complete equipment is integrated. Advanced grinding and milling technology, with international advanced technology development level, is one of the more popular equipments in the milling industry. Limestone is usually used as a building material, and can also be used as a material for many industries. It can be used as a Portland cement to produce high-grade paper-coated heavy calcium carbonate products and as a production process for plastics and coatings. The filler in the production, the foundry sand for the production of machinery, the production of desulfurization absorbent, can also be used to produce active lime, passivated lime. In addition, limestone is calcined to produce active lime, and after processing, passivated lime can be produced.

Limestone processing calcium carbonate is widely used, which has increased the development of limestone powder industry. In the limestone processing technology, grinding technology is one of the indispensable equipments for processing. In the processing of limestone, our milling The machining is more ideal, which not only can improve the technological content of the equipment, but also achieve the production standard of low carbon and environmental protection. The feed size is also larger, and the discharge can achieve the required average particle size at one time, which can well meet the requirements of the cement industry. Requirements and requirements for limestone milling.

add to favorites Introduction to mobile construction waste crusher Pc  

The mobile Construction Waste Crusher, referred to as the construction waste crusher, is a device that uses impact energy to break medium-hard brittle materials. There are many types of mobile construction waste crushers, which are mainly divided into two categories: single-rotor construction waste crusher and double-rotor construction waste crusher. Advantages of the mobile construction waste crusher: Compared with the hammer-type construction waste crusher, the construction waste crusher has a large crushing ratio, and has a uniform product size and less powder phenomenon, low energy consumption, easy equipment manufacture and convenient maintenance; Hard rock crushing, high efficiency and energy saving; the product particle size adjustment range is large, the discharge particle size is adjustable, and the crushing process is simplified.

Mobile construction waste crusher works

The mobile Construction Waste Crusher is a crushing machine that uses impact to break up materials. When the machine is working, the rotor rotates at a high speed under the driving of the motor. When the material enters the action area of ??the hammer, it collides with the hammer on the rotor and is then thrown to the counter-attack device to be broken again, and then rebounded from the counter-attack. Returning to the hammer hammer action area, the process is repeated, and the process is repeated, and the material is broken into the counter-attack chamber from large to small, until the material is crushed to the required particle size and discharged from the discharge port. Adjusting the gap between the counter frame and the rotor can achieve the purpose of changing the material discharge size and material shape.

Mobile construction waste crusher scope

This series of mobile construction waste crusher (construction waste crusher) is a generation of mobile construction waste crusher developed by our company on the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology and combining the specific industrial and mining conditions of domestic sand and gravel industry. It adopts the manufacturing technology, the unique structural design, the finished product is cubic, no tension and crack, the grain shape is quite good, and it can crush all kinds of coarse, medium and fine materials with the feed particle size not exceeding 500mm and the compressive strength not exceeding 350MPa. (Granite, limestone, concrete, etc.), widely used in various ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, cement, chemical, construction and other industries. The size of the discharge material can be adjusted, and the crushing specifications are diversified.

add to favorites What is the advantage of Raymond mill Pc  
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With the continuous improvement of the society in which we live, the products around us are also gradually being updated. Many new products are appearing on our side, which greatly simplifies our work and life. One of the products in the equipment Is the mill, for us to solve the problem of lack of gravel, so that we can easily have enough gravel, so many people are interested in it, then the advantages of raymond grinder is what? Let us fully understand Something.

First, when it comes to Raymond mill, many people will be happy to get around, because the original need to spend a great deal of physical work, and now only need to operate a few simple buttons can be done, and the workload is very large, which mill is one of the advantages of being able to quickly complete a large number of gravel production work in less time, to a great extent to meet everyone's demand for gravel.

Second, we usually need a lot of gravel when building a house or building a landscape, we buy natural gravel is not only the size of different shapes, the price is more expensive, after all, the gravel is not able to produce their own, but the use of Lei The gravel produced by the mills produced by the mills not only has a uniform shape, but also meets the requirements of the users for the shape of gravel, and its price is relatively cheap, so that everyone can use less money to purchase Many people no longer worry about the price of sand and gravel, so we say that this is one of the advantages of mill is the answer to this question.

add to favorites stone crushing industry development trend Pc  
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As everyone knows, a national high-speed development marks is the railway, highway, the construction of large projects such as highway viaduct, powerful, and rail systems have made many contributions to the country, but whether any construction cannot do without aggregate and concrete aggregate large, therefore, on the other hand will stone, is to hold up the development of the country, stone has come, is precisely the stone crushing equipment to come, so the mining machinery industry is the lifeblood of the national economy, to a certain extent, provides a variety of needs and for the protection of national. Of course, not all investors to enter this industry will be a windfall, it is not only to have a forward-looking vision, the more you need to understand all kinds of mining equipment, when just beginning to enter this industry, and not certain when, must not put too much money, you can first start from the small scale some manufacturers, especially designed for small scale mines production of a small stone special crusher, can easily solve those because of lack of funds and also want to set foot in the stone crushing industry investors, it must be a best decision. In a professional production of mining equipment manufacturers, thousands of home, competition is quite fierce, but in this industry, has been in a leading position among the Shanghai area, the internationalization of the market to the manufacturers in Shanghai one of the best platform, I believe that in the near future, China's mining and crushing equipment will be even more rapid progress, and can play the leading role in the international market.
add to favorites How to make your ultrafine mill live longer Pc  

Ultrafine Mill Production Line use, should be fixed personnel responsible for the custody, the operator must have a certain level of technology, pre-installation of the mill operation must be carried out in technical training customs officers, that they were aware of the principles of mill performance, familiar with the rules . In order for the mill to work properly, equipment "safety maintenance operation and maintenance system" should be formulated to ensure long-term safe operation of the mill, and necessary repair tools and grease accessories.

After the Raymond Mill is used for a period of time, maintenance should be carried out. At the same time, the worn parts such as the grinding roller ring blade should be repaired and replaced. Before and after the grinding roller device, the connecting bolts and nut plugs should be carefully inspected. Is there any looseness and lubrication? Is the grease increased? When the grinding roller device is used for more than 500 hours, when the roller is replaced, the roller bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned, and the damaged parts should be replaced. The refueling tool can be manually manually oiled or greased.

In recent years, with the rapid development of crusher equipment, the mining machinery industry has also developed. With the continuous improvement of the technical level of the milling machine, the fineness of the material can be reduced, and the application field is becoming wider and wider. At the same time, with the improvement of people’s health awareness, market decoration materials and decorative products have also raised higher and higher requirements: paints, pigments, fly ash, cement clinker, calcium carbonate powder, artificial stone, barite, these The production and processing of various industrial raw materials that are closely related to people's lives are inseparable from the milling machine. However, the low efficiency, high energy consumption, and large dust defects of ball mills have gradually become a huge obstacle to the development of the industry. Under such circumstances, high-performance, low-pollution milling machinery products have become an urgent need for the milling industry. With the strengthening of people’s awareness of environmental protection, mill equipment is not only focused on yield or fineness, but also on the issue of environmental protection and cleanliness. In addition to the excellent quality of mills. In addition to higher technology, the most important thing is service and environmental protection.

add to favorites Impact prevention noise countermeasures Pc  

Impact prevention measures against noise: Impact can be divided into Construction Waste Crusher, medium crusher and fine crusher. In general, the material processed by the grinding machine is finer, and the grain size of the product is fine, reaching 0. 074 mm, even smaller. The structural feature is that the crushing parts (or media) come in contact with each other, and the medium used is a steel ball, a steel bar, a gravel, or a mineral block.

It is a very important issue in the current industrial sector to Construction Waste Crusher the noise generated during work breaks and how to effectively prevent noise from protecting the surrounding environment. The sound of counterattacking broken equipment is the sound from raw materials and metal or metal impact. These arpeggios are compared with other mechanical arbors (such as the noise of gears and other reciprocating motions), the noise level is high, and the frequency fluctuates greatly.

We sum up this situation and analyze specific measures: 1. As far as possible to achieve the automation of impact, after the automation of the mechanical equipment can be carried out unmanned operation, not only can improve the working conditions but also closed the factory to prevent the spread of noise . 2. The selection of the installation site should be emphasized in the impact of the voice, and in addition to the limits of the provisions of the noise prevention regulations, it is also necessary to consider whether there are sound buildings, noise directions, and other circumstances around it. Reasonably arranged. 3. As far as possible, the noise-generating machinery should be concentrated, and the installation and installation of the noise-producing crushing equipment should be as reasonable and centralized as possible. Make the installation of the equipment as much as possible and develop into space.

add to favorites advantages of vertical roller mill for sale Pc  
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vertical roller mill equipment in the coating production process has many advantages, such as better crushing effect, higher utilization of materials, etc. Here are some vertical roller mill equipment for the production of paint has brought what advantages:

The first point is the vertical roller mill better crushing effect of the problem, the equipment in the production process along the ore inside the existence of many cracks in the ore processing, this processing method can better crush the ore, and Broken efficiency is relatively high.

The second point is the vertical roller mill output efficiency higher and the filling rate is relatively high, vertical roller mill outlet is located in the powder side of the lower part of the production process can be timely discharge of qualified products, greatly Speeding up the efficiency and quality of the powder; the filling rate of the paint produced by the vertical roller mill device is much higher than that of the traditional milling equipment, and the high efficiency operation of the paint processing is better realized.

The above article describes the application of vertical roller mill equipment in the production of coatings, mainly the application of the equipment in the production of paint can make the crushing effect is better and the output of the production process and filling rate increased a lot, for the coating The production process has great benefits.

add to favorites advantages of the strengthened ultra-fine mill Pc  
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In the traditional milling equipment, the vibration of the equipment is often caused by various reasons during the work process. Therefore, the enhanced ultrafine mill has made improvements in this regard, making the equipment more stable in the production process;

Followed by the use of variable frequency speed control system, this system can better control the speed of the equipment, increase the degree of automation of the equipment, can effectively reduce the degree of labor in the production process; In addition to the powder collector this can A system that better completes the process of collecting the powder, compared to the general powder collector, the system can collect the particles of the powder, and the powder collection efficiency is higher;

This article mainly introduces the advantages of the strengthened ultra-fine mill. This equipment is produced to meet the requirements of the fine powder production, and some improvements have been made in view of the situation in the production of traditional milling equipment. Some advanced production systems are used to make the equipment more productive and more stable in the production process.

add to favorites vertical roller mill technology to deal Pc  
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Gold is one of the most precious metal resources. As gold resources continue to be explored, the number of easily-processable ore is depleting and depleting. Complex ore and refractory ore have become the major sources of gold production. Today, the continuous development of vertical roller mill technology has made it one of the main means to break the difficult gold mine. Difficult to deal with gold ore, also known as refractory metallurgical ore, refractory gold ore, generally refers to the conventional grinding, there is still a considerable portion of gold can not be effectively leached gold cyanide method. It needs to be preconditioned to make rational use of it, and ultimately obtain economic benefits. At present, refractory gold commonly used pretreatment technology including roasting oxidation, pressure oxidation, bio-oxidation technology, vertical roller mill technology. Among them, the vertical roller mill technology has the advantages of low oxidation degree of sulfides, no need of neutralization and precipitation, good arsenic stability in leaching residue and environmental protection economy, and has broad space for development. vertical roller mill technology is the use of special crushing equipment for grinding, impact, shear, etc., the material crushed to 10 ~ 15 mu m fine particles, the material has a large specific surface area, high surface activity, chemical Fast response and other characteristics.
add to favorites ultrafine mill Applications in the Chemical Industry Pc  
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Silica can produce a variety of silicides and silicates and nitrates, the best quality can be used as acid-filled sulfuric acid tower fillings;

The above is the application of silicon products after ultrafine mill processing. It is precisely due to the needs of these industries that this material has been better developed, which in turn has promoted the development and application of mills and other mining equipment.

The article mainly introduces the development of ultrafine mill driven by silicon material. The analysis of this problem is mainly introduced through two aspects of the specific production process and the application of finished products, because of the good application of this material. , and its mining requires mining equipment to carry out, thus promoting the development of these equipment, in these circumstances, the above analysis is more detailed.

add to favorites Mobile impact crushing station Pc  

Good mobility. The Construction Waste Machine, the mobile cone crushing plant and the mobile jaw crushing plant can both directly penetrate the work site and are suitable for both ordinary roads and rough roads. 2, compact structure, easy to use. The integrated vehicle-mounted complete set of mobile impact crushing plant greatly saves space. It comes with a vehicle-mounted generator set, a motor and a control box to facilitate field operations. It is equipped with on-board installation support equipment to make it convenient and quick to station on site.

Save costs and reduce costs. The Construction Waste equipment can perform on-site crushing of the materials, avoiding the turnover of the materials and greatly reducing the transportation costs of the materials. Higher applicability. The mobile crushing station can not only be operated independently by a single unit, but also can be combined into a crushing and crushing two-stage crushing and screening system, a crushing, intermediate crushing, and fine crushing crushing and screening system, or a crushing and screening system according to on-site needs.

Screened before the broken system. Stable performance and easy maintenance. The mobile impact crushing station is equipped with Great Wall Heavy Industries' crushers, feeders and vibrating screens with stable performance and easy maintenance. The material transportation is equipped with a conventional belt conveyor, which is simple in operation, mature in technology, low in investment and high in yield. Flexible configuration. The mobile crushing station can customize the mobile crushing station according to the requirements of the customer's job site, materials, and grain type, and provides customers with equipment more suitable for production needs, such as: stand-alone, multi-product assembly, belt conveyor Load type and so on.

add to favorites Impact crusher manufacturers and price Pc  

Impact Construction Waste equipment installation test. 1. The equipment should be installed on a horizontal concrete foundation and fixed with anchor bolts. When installing, pay attention to the vertical of the main body and the horizontal. After installation, check whether the bolts in each part are loose and whether the main door is tight. If so, tighten it. Configure the power cord and control switch according to the power of the device. After the inspection is completed, an empty load test is performed. Production can be carried out after the test is normal.

Impact Construction Waste Machine operating procedures. 1. Before starting the machine, check whether the door of the machine body is closed tightly. Do not open the door during the operation of the machine to prevent danger. 2. The counter-attack construction waste crusher must be started with no load, and it can be produced after it is operating normally. 3. The particle size of the feed must be in accordance with the requirements, and excessive equipment damage and low output will occur. 4. If abnormal phenomena are found in the process of crushing, that is, parking inspections, troubleshooting, and production. 5. Regularly add lubricating oil to the rotating bearing parts.

This series of impact crusher is a generation of impact crusher developed by our company in absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology, combined with the specific industrial and mining conditions of domestic gravel industry. It adopts manufacturing technology, unique structural design, finished product is cube, no tension and cracks, grain shape is quite good, can break all kinds of coarse, medium and fine materials with feed size not exceeding 500mm and compressive strength not exceeding 350MPa. (Granite, limestone, concrete, etc.) are widely used in a variety of ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, cement, chemical, construction and other industries. The particle size of the discharge can be adjusted, and the crushing specifications are diversified.

add to favorites stone crushing equipment to lead the new direction Pc  
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Mill type the myriads of changes, but eventually, after all, is to be composed of high efficiency and low consumption intelligent equipment has become the mainstream in the market, recently, the emergence of a new type stone crushing equipment, specially for machining of low hardness material, is a kind of efficient stone crushing equipment, milling industry to write a new chapter.

Stone crushing equipment model in the work, is driven mainly by the motor drives the turntable to rotate, uses the device of wheel around to drive dozens of grinding roller, general materials will be processed three layer ring road, first after the impact, and then roll grinding, grinding into powder after the final shape.

The qualified materials will be enter the cyclone powder collector and then through the discharge outlet, at the same time with a small amount of fine dust through precipitator purification and then discharged, so that this new type of equipment is a kind of environmental protection equipment, can greatly reduce the pollution of the environment

Because countries are also advocated taking the road of sustainable development, and the environmental requirements are very green development is high, all walks of life are in need of attention, so for the machinery and equipment industry, efficient and environmental protection equipment is needed, so the stone powder mill become market hot stone crushing equipment, more and more investors are willing to use this equipment.

add to favorites The selection of building materials is also a key link Pc  

The selection of building materials is also a key Construction Waste Crusher link. According to reports, the current use of cement hollow bricks, there must be a 28-day maintenance period, or easy to damage. Some builders were eager to launch construction projects. The use of such hollow bricks resulted in substandard quality. After being discovered by the engineering supervision department, they had to be reworked. This not only wastes resources but also generates construction waste. Recycling requires governments to support difficult governance, and the source is difficult to block. Words such as "renewable use" and "recycling factories" gradually become popular. During the interview, relevant people all learned about the importance of recycling of construction waste.

Construction waste is mainly waste concrete, waste bricks, etc. After Construction Waste Crusher processing, it can be used as a roadbed or aggregate for concrete production, and it can also be used as raw materials for building materials. Usually also contains wood, scrap metal, waste rubber, plastic waste, packaging materials, etc., after separation can be used as the corresponding industrial raw materials. According to relevant data, a recycling plant can process at least 110 to 275 tons of construction waste per hour, and can process and sell at least 200,000 tons of recycled aggregate each year. It is understood that the city is located in the coastal area, the city's area of ??160 square kilometers, the original sand, stone, soil used for construction is scarce, after many years of mining has become more scarce, so the construction waste recycling is imminent.

However, it must be pointed out that the competitiveness of recycled building waste aggregates compared with natural gravel is weak, mainly because the market acceptance is not high, and whether construction companies will use recycled building materials is still unknown. According to the director of the Municipal Department of Environmental Hygiene and Environment, 400,000 tons of construction waste each year can produce 150 million bricks and 50,000 houses can be built. In terms of this city, market demand is not yet estimated to be so large. It can be seen that, due to comprehensive factors, the renewable use of construction waste is not yet a profitable industry. Relevant sources believe that the recycling of construction waste is subject to the government's guidance, dispatching personnel to visit other places for reference, drawing on advanced experience and treatment methods, and if renewable enterprises are put into operation, they also need preferential policies.