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Created 2017-09-02
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DescripciĆ³n Victoria Grizzlies GM expects intensity<br><br>With a new season come new hopes, higher expectations and intense excitement. Hockey league season.<br><br>"I want camp to be intense. I want good players to get cut. I want good defencemen to be released. I want good goaltending to be cut," he stressed. "If we have those types of problems at the end of training camp, then we're going to ice a pretty good team."<br><br>Not that the last two years have been bad, with records of 37 15 3 3 and 33 13 0 10 for second place overall finishes over the last two campaigns.<br><br>But this team now belongs to Knight and his assistant coach Micha Aivazoff, although departed coach Craig Didmon obviously handled a lot of the recruiting last season after Bill Bestwick was released. Knight has also been making trades along the way and bringing in his own players in hopes of moving onward and upward.<br><br>"I'm real happy. I think camp is going to be real good. I know we have a lot of new faces, but I don't see it being an issue," insisted Knight. "We're going to be big, we're going to be fast and I think we're going to be offensively gifted.<br><br>"And I think our back end <a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">fake hermes leather handbags</a> is going to be much different than last year," he said of the defence. "I think we've more than re tooled."<br><br>Among those defensive recruits is American Meirs Moore from Duluth, <a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">replica hermes handbags outlet</a> Minnesota; Justin Sadler of Ohio; <a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Different hermes bag fake</a> Cody Van Lierop and Alyn Nanji of Ontario; and local Tomba Huddlestan to go along with veterans Kevin Massy (who can also play forward) and Mitch Meek. Conlin, Brett Gruber, Spencer Hunter, Matt Kennedy, Nic Guiney, Dane Gibson and Quinn Thompson to a group that returns Garret Forster, Jay Mackie, Cole Pickup, Storm Wahlrab and captain Shawn McBride.<br><br>"We're ready. It was a quick summer, but we're excited to get back. We're all itching to get back," said McBride. "It's early, but we see a lot of character. Everyone I have met seems like a real nice guy and a fun guy to be around. We have a good core, too.<br><br>"Our goals are the same every year," added McBride. "We're trying to win. We're aiming at the playoffs and then anything can happen from there. We have a team built for it. We're deep and I think that helps."<br><br>Knight didn't waste any time singling out McBride as his captain on a team where many of the recruits have come from positions of leadership.<br><br>"It's exciting and I'm honoured to wear the 'C' on the jersey. It comes with a lot of responsibility and a lot of pressure, but I'm excited," said McBride, who just celebrated his 19th birthday last weekend. "I like to think I was a leader last year, too. I just have to be myself."<br><br>One of his roles is to be part of the welcoming committee for the new recruits, some of <a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">how much is a hermes handbag</a> which have been skating the past few days.<br><br>"It's not easy to move to a new city and meet a bunch of new guys, so we're trying to make the transition easier. We're trying to make them feel comfortable," said McBride.<ul>

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