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Created 2018-05-16
Owner jwen4568
Title closed-circuit crushing process
  • 1. In order to improve mineral production, Stone Crushing Equipment potential, the crushing process was modified, improve the utilization factor of stone mining machinery company, the main measures taken to implement more crushing and less grinding, reduce the particle size of ore into the mill.
  • 2. re re widely in stone crushing equipment application, much as auxiliary process, recovery of coarse stone in grinding circuit, create favorable conditions for flotation, improve the processing performance, improve the total recovery of gold, to increase the yield and played a positive role in reducing costs.
  • 3. the flotation in recent years due to the great changes have taken place in the structure of products, take in situ treatment, prompted the flotation process to have a bigger development, occupies an important position is in stone production.
  • 4. choose the process -- uranium Gold: stone amalgamation and oxidation leaching of gold. The rapid development of stone production and stone resources, provides a great opportunity for the development of mining machinery company processing complete sets of equipment, to promote the development of mineral industry, mining machinery company technical force advanced as support, and constantly optimize the product structure, become a star of mineral industry.
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