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Created 2018-05-10
Owner jwen4568
Title winter operation of raymond mill

Raymond mill is mainly for the humidity less than 6%, Mohs hardness of non-flammable and explosive ore below 9.3, construction and other industries more than 300 kinds of materials, high-fine powder processing. As the weather changed, Mill experts gave advice on how to maintain the raymond mill in winter to help miners prepare for their normal winter operation.

As Raymond mill expensive, so routine maintenance is very important, it can extend the life of the equipment. In the winter, out of the routine maintenance, due to the special nature of the season, they have to pay special attention to the operation of the mill:

  • Raymond mill operation must be carried out under good lubrication conditions, otherwise it will damage the bearings and shorten the service life. In order to ensure the normal operation of Raymond mill, the main shaft refueling time needs to be cleaned once a month;
  • If you find a metal block into the machine, should be removed immediately, otherwise it will damage the blade, plum racks and so on. Charge should be uniform, to prevent the duct is blocked;
  • Air volume regulation: The air volume control valve located on the fan inlet pipe is generally open to the maximum position, which can be adjusted according to the fineness and output requirements. Located in the exhaust fan outlet fan control valve, transferred to the inlet without dust spray can be. It is worth noting that the air volume is too small, easy to sediment material within the duct below the host.
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