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Created 2018-04-23
Owner jwen4568
Title Sources of noise in vertical roller mill
Description vertical roller mill of this type of mine production equipment, at work, will make a lot of noise, then how is this sound produced In general, we hear loud noise in mine production lines, which affects the environment and the safety of our staff. In view of this situation, the noise is required to fall below a certain value, whether it is crushing equipment or vertical roller mill This type of milling equipment, must meet this requirement to put into production, then the noise in the end is how to produce it First, the role of vertical roller mill is used to grind the material, at work, the bulk material crushed to the required size by the jaw crusher, the uniform quantitative continuous feeding into the host grinding room for grinding. The material after grinding is sent to the separator for classification by fan airflow. Under the action of the separator impeller, the material which does not meet the requirement of fineness falls into the grinding chamber to grind again. The material meeting the fineness requirement will flow through the pipeline Into the cyclone powder collector to separate the collection, the discharge device is the finished product powder. After the separation of the air through the cyclone dust collector top return duct into the fan. The friction between the material and the parts of the vertical roller mill and the friction between the parts in this process will produce a certain sound. This noise can not be avoided.
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