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Created 2018-04-02
Owner jwen4568
Title special in construction waste industry
Description In the whole world, the construction waste crusher industry is a sunrise industry, the market demand for coal is very strong, so in the domestic industry of construction waste crusher is very popular, and huge profits also attracted many investors to enter the industry, in the construction waste crusher industry, mention most is special in construction waste crusher, construction waste crusher conveying equipment is the most basic equipment, as everyone knows, the accident in construction waste crusher industry rate is very high, in view of the, inspection and monitoring of powerful belt is very important, despite the detection of the related provision, but the emergence of the accident is still It is often seen. so how to carry out the professional testing is very useful, therefore, small make up the following summary a few points.First of all, through the practice of the past experience can be learned, one of the main causes of frequent accidents is due to the lack of science and high efficiency detection means for detecting, conveyor, the traditional approach is generally artificial detection, the general is the direct observations with the naked eye in the conclusion, the detection method is now generally do not take, not only complicated operation, and low efficiency and long cycle, at the same time can only detect suspicious sites, not very comprehensive, there is is used in industrial machines, commonly known as the X - ray machine, can accurately and visually inspect the construction waste crusher, but the damage of this equipment on the human body is very big, and the detection efficiency is not high, detection time is relatively long.
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