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add to favorites Performance Advantage of Portable Crusher COMPUTACIÓN - COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-21
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Portable crusher plant is a kind of commonly used production equipment, in the lithotripsy production, relative to the traditional equipment, the distinct characteristics of the portable crusher plant are the different mobile performance. It can break the limitation of the site well and have more advantages. Here is a detailed description of the advantages of the machine in the lithotripsy production.

1. high mobility and integrated set of units

The length of the portable crusher plant is short, and the different crushing equipment is installed on the independent movable chassis, with short wheelbase and small turning radius. It can be used flexibly on the ordinary highway and in the operation area. The installation of the integrated unit equipment eliminates the installation of the complex ground foundation infrastructure of the divided components and reduces the material and the material. The time consumption and the reasonable and compact layout of the unit improve the flexibility of the site.

2. the function is direct and effective and the combination is flexible

The integration of the portable crusher plant can be used independently. It can also provide a more flexible process configuration for the material types and product requirements in the process, meet the requirements of the user's mobile breakage and mobile screening, and make the production of organization and logistics more direct and effective, and greatly reduce the input of production. It can not only make up the "first sieving and sieving" according to the different crumb process requirements, but also can form the "first sieving and crushing" process. It can also be combined into two pieces of crushing and screening system according to the actual demand, and can also be combined into three broken and broken screening systems, which are coarse, medium and fine. It can also run independently, with great flexibility and ability. To meet more production needs.

3. high production capacity and low power consumption

In the lithotripsy line, the main engine is driven by the motor and the triangle belt, which makes the parts run in the equipment. After the mass material enters the crushing chamber from the inlet, it is broken by the high-speed moving parts. In this process, the material is broken in circulation, and the quality of the finished product is fine and the quality of the finished product is fine. The machine has larger capacity and lower power consumption in production.

add to favorites How about wood plastic floor COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-21

Wood plastic floor is a new type of environmentally friendly wood plastic composite products, the production process of high density fiberboard produces wooden phenol, join again recycled plastics granulation equipment made of wood plastic composite Best Green Environmental Protection WPC Outdoor Floor Distributor , extrusion production of wood plastic floor.

Has the same processing and wood and wood plastic floor remind, use common tools can be sawing, drilling, nailing, very convenient, but also can be used as ordinary wood, wood and colleagues also have the sense of wood and plastic water and corrosion resistance and other properties, because of these features make wood plastic floor to become a good and very durable outdoor waterproof anti-corrosion materials.

Wood plastic floor is used for outdoor platform, such as landscape, villa and wood plastic composite plate is mainly for living by wood material and thermoplastic polymer mining and processing AIDS, after Mr Rejected again after mixing equipment heat extrusion molding of high-tech green environmental protection material, wood and plastic concurrently at the same time the performance and characteristics of new environmental protection high-tech alternative wood and plastic

Wood Plastic Composite(WPC) Industry wall cladding water features the best place to buy fence panel
add to favorites Discourse on the Method of Preventing Liner Wear of Ultrafine Mill COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-21

Ultrafine Mill is one of the essential parts of mineral processing equipment. Many users of ultrafine mill complain that the liner plate of a ultrafine mill is with short service life and a high production costs. Henan Mining Machinery summed up key factors influencing the liner wear of a ball mil based on years of production experience, which as a reference for the users of ultrafine mill. Hope it can help the users avoid a similar situation in production and prolong the service life of ultrafine mill liner plate. The key factors influencing the liner wear of a ultrafine mill generally include the following several points:

The Ultrafine Mill of media material. The generally used crushing media material include: various mine materials (manganese, copper, tungsten ore, chrome ore, etc.), various types of stone (limestone, granite, gneiss, basalt, gray rock, etc.) and industry coal used in power. The hardness of the media is the main basis that determines the liner plate wear, the higher hardness of the media, and the shorter service life of the liner; on the contrary, if the media is with a lower hardness, the service life of the liner will be prolonged. The impact of operating conditions. 1) Eliminate defects not timely. 2) Adjusting undeservedly makes the ultrafine mill running at short positions.

The impact of liner material. The main parameters affecting the anti-wear effect is matching of the two index of hardness and impacting toughness of liner material. If the liner plate has a higher hardness, which means it has a good wear resistance, and the two factors basically is a proportional relationship. The impacting energy depends on the size of the diameter of steel ball and grinding tube. 4, the impact of the ultrafine mill's designing and manufacturing and the installing quality. The performance of the lining plate generally include the following two: one is to protect the cylinder; another is that the liner plate rotates at a specific speed to raise the ball to the required height to achieve the desired effect. The quality of the liner plate is also direct factor affecting the normal operation of the mill. Those above are the main factors affecting ultrafine mill liners; we recommend that you should firstly consult the expert before you buy a ultrafine mill. And you'd better go to the manufacturers with strength production and reputable brand purchase.

add to favorites sand making machine has smooth operation and long service life COMPUTACIÓN - COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-16
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The sand making machine is widely used in high grade highway, railway, water conservancy, construction, cement, durable material, metallurgy, glass sand, concrete mixing station, sand stone field and so on. The sand making machine adopts advanced technology at home and abroad and runs smoothly in the production process. The best impact angle design in the crushing chamber can reduce the friction between the material and wear-resistant parts, and effectively prolong the service life of the sand making machine.

By adopting the special crushing chamber designed with the principle of intergranular lamination and the rotational speed matched with it, the traditional single particle crushing principle is replaced, and the material is selectively broken, the proportion of the fine material and the content of the cube are greatly improved, and the needle like material is reduced to a great extent. The abrasion loss of sand making machine is low. All wearing parts are made of high quality abrasion resistant materials at home and abroad with long service life. A small number of easy wearing parts are made of hard and wear-resistant materials, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.

The unique design of the thin oil lubrication system improves the lubrication performance of the equipment and improves the service life of the equipment. The high performance non-contact labyrinth seal has no wear and improves the reliability of blocking dust.

add to favorites closed-circuit crushing process COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-16
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  • 1. In order to improve mineral production, Stone Crushing Equipment potential, the crushing process was modified, improve the utilization factor of stone mining machinery company, the main measures taken to implement more crushing and less grinding, reduce the particle size of ore into the mill.
  • 2. re re widely in stone crushing equipment application, much as auxiliary process, recovery of coarse stone in grinding circuit, create favorable conditions for flotation, improve the processing performance, improve the total recovery of gold, to increase the yield and played a positive role in reducing costs.
  • 3. the flotation in recent years due to the great changes have taken place in the structure of products, take in situ treatment, prompted the flotation process to have a bigger development, occupies an important position is in stone production.
  • 4. choose the process -- uranium Gold: stone amalgamation and oxidation leaching of gold. The rapid development of stone production and stone resources, provides a great opportunity for the development of mining machinery company processing complete sets of equipment, to promote the development of mineral industry, mining machinery company technical force advanced as support, and constantly optimize the product structure, become a star of mineral industry.
add to favorites Installation method of mechanism sand production line COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-16
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The mechanism sand production line has many advantages, such as crushing hard minerals and crushing minerals selectively. In the process of production, the fineness of finished sand can be adjusted according to the different requirements. So the application range of sand making machine is very wide, but the advantages of the equipment are completely established in the normal work. On the basis of this, there is a great relationship between the normal work of the equipment and the installation of the equipment. Here is an introduction to what matters to be noticed in the installation of the mechanism sand production line.

Whether the working environment of the sand making machine is indoor or outdoor, the foundation must be made of concrete to ensure that the equipment has a solid foundation. The requirement for the foundation of the concrete is several times as many times as that of the whole mechanism sand production line, which will be explained by the manufacturer when it is purchased.

The mechanism of sand production line must be balanced to make the main shaft perpendicular to the horizontal line to ensure that the equipment does not meet the requirements of the finished product in the process of production.

Then it is due to the long time transportation of sand making to the site of the production project. It is unavoidable that there are collisions in the process of transportation. So the equipment must be checked thoroughly before the installation. For example, check whether the lubricating tubing is connected, and add oil before the test is installed; and then, check the inspection. Check whether the connection is reliable, check whether there is any foreign object on the impeller, if it is discharged this morning, and ensure that the rotation direction of the motor is the same as that of the mechanism sand production line. If the motor wiring is not always adjusted, the direction of the motor is consistent with the sign.

add to favorites OAKLAND, Calif. - The Oakland Athletics have placed infielder Alberto Callaspo on the paternity list and recalled infielder Andy Parrino from Triple-A Sacramento. The As made the moves before opening a three-game series Friday night against the New Y COMPUTACIÓN - COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-15
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OAKLAND, Calif. - The Oakland Athletics have placed infielder Alberto Callaspo on the paternity list and recalled infielder Andy Parrino from Triple-A Sacramento. The As made the moves before opening a three-game series Friday night against the New York Yankees. Callaspo is batting .218 with three home runs and 20 RBIs. Parrino began the spring with the As before Texas claimed him off waivers March 3. Parrino batted .189 in 13 games with Triple-A Round Rock when the As claimed him off waivers April 21 and optioned him to Sacramento. Hes batting .344 with three home runs and 24 RBIs in 44 games with Sacramento. The As also announced they have agreed to terms with 18 draft picks. Delon Wright Jersey.S. womens soccer team to a 2-0 win over China in Colorado in the afternoon. Toronto Raptors - Winnipeg Jets defenseman Dustin Byfuglien, Detroit Red Wings forward Tomas Tatar and New York Islanders right wing Kyle Okposo were named the NHLs players of the week on Monday. The three goals bring Messis career tally for Barcelona to 371 in all games -- including friendlies -- breaking the club record of 369 held by Paulino Alcantara since 1927. The 26-year-old Messi was already the clubs all-time leading scorer in official games. Messi assured Barcelonas fans they will enjoy his goals for years to come, saying "as long as people want me, I will stay here. Vince Carter Jersey. Last year, Matt Kuchar closed with a 4-under 68 to beat Kevin Chappell by two strokes for his second win of the 2013 season and sixth of his career. Serge Ibaka Jersey. The Canadians led for much of the game before Argentina forced overtime in the dying seconds of the fourth quarter. Canada weathered the storm after squandering a lead with a series of made shots. "Its a fantastic win for our country with 11 first-time Canadian national team members," said head coach Roy Rana.EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. - It was a moment that had Los Angeles Kings fans holding their collective breath. Drew Doughty yelped in pain after taking a slash from Ducks defenceman Francois Beauchemin to the back of the knee Monday night. He slowly skated off the ice struggling to put weight on the injured leg. "It was just a numb feeling," said Doughty, who has logged a team-high 27:14 of ice time per game in the playoffs. "It hits a little nerve and just goes numb for three minutes, four minutes and then its fine. Ive had it happen before so I wasnt scared, but its numb so its awkward to skate on." Doughty, who returned to the ice a few shifts after the slash, doesnt believe Beauchemin hit him in the sensitive spot on purpose. But that doesnt mean hell forget what happened. "Well, I always keep it in the back of my mind," Doughty said. "I know exactly who it was. Im not going to take any runs at him, but if hes coming down [the ice] Im not going to shy up on a hit." The Ducks are eager to make Doughty pay a physical price in this series, because his presence on the blue line is absolutely crucial to the Kings success, especially considering they are down two regulars (Willie Mitchell and Robyn Regehr) due to injury. "I know teams are going to target me," said Doughty. "Theyre going to target other guys on the team too. Its just part of the game. If anything, that makes you hungrier. It makes you want to work harder to avoid those hits and make a difference. When theyre targeting you and youre still being successful, thats the most frustrating thing for them." Anaheim is also doing its best to get Jonathan Quick off his game. Corey Perry crashed into the Los Angeles crease during the second period of Game 2, which led the soft-spoken Kings keeper to give him a shot and take a roughing penalty. "Some people think you get him off his game by doing those types of things, but you dont," said Kings forward Jarret Stoll. "If anybody knows Quickie, hes a very, very competitive, determined guy in the net and hell do anything to win and hell back up his teammates even when we dont want him to sometimes. We dont want him in the scrums, but sometimes hes in there like he was in round one [when he went after big San Jose Sharks centre Joe Thornton]. "Its no secret: we want to target their best players too. If their best players are the best players in the series then theyre going to win the series and were going to lose. If Drew Doughty and Anze Kopitar and Jeff Carter and Marian Gaborik are the best players in the series, were probably going to win." For his part, Darryl Sutter thinks all the targeting talk is a bit much. "Every game he plays he gets extra attention, but I dont think anyone is going out of their way to hit Drew Doughty," the Kings head coach said. "Theyre a big, physical team. The reason Drew may get touched more than other guys is he plays half the game. Quite honest, we need some of our other defencemen to get touched that much." Thats just one adjustment the Kings can make. There will be others. Despite stealing the first two games of the series in Anaheim, Sutter and his players are far from content. There are certainly ways they can improve. "Hopefully lots of ways," Sutter said, "but Im not going to give you that little secret." The tight-lipped coach did admit he felt the Kings were lucky to be in such a commanding position in the series. "We had to use a short bench [in Game 1] because some guys werent up to standards. We were fortunate to win that game." One area where the Kings can be better is in dealing with the Anaheim forecheck. "Theyre quick. They read off each other really well," Stoll explained. "Theyre very aggressive. They get two guys down to the goal line very quickly on our defencemen. If were not going to suppport our defencemen like we should, were going to get outmanned and out-supported.dddddddddddd The key is to out-support their forecheck in those situations. Come up with the pucks, and get it going the other way. Everybody wants to play in the offensive zone. Thats the whole battle. Thats the whole series right there." So there are issues to be addressed, but at the same time there are reasons to believe coming back on the Kings will be a very, very difficult task. The Kings were outshot by the Ducks 37-17 in Game 2, but they have done well to prevent second-chance opportunities. "Our D have done a really good job of defending," said Doughty. "We maybe havent been the best at moving the puck or as good as we usually are, but our defending has been really, really good. Were playing physical. Were boxing guys out, getting under sticks, clearing pucks and thats our job in the D zone. When were doing that, when were clearing the bodies, Quickies going to make the first save." Doughty had a four game point streak snapped on Monday and he has the same number of penalty minutes (two) as shots on net in the series so far. And yet he remains a key reason why the Kings are in such a good spot. "I thought we controlled him pretty good," said Ducks head coach Bruce Boudreau. "I dont think he made many rushes [Monday], but hes a smart player and hes very good defensively when he has to be. Thats based on the individual. Theres not much we can do about the fact were playing against a good player. I mean, hes good and hes going to make good plays. We try and disrupt him as much as we can, but youre not going to do it all the time." Doughty believes he is "10 times the player" he was during the 2009-10 season when he racked up a career-high 59 points en route to a Norris Trophy nomination. He says he is much better in his own zone now and all-around more mature. "I feel Ive improved as a player and been a better leader for this team and Ive played a lot better. I make a difference in every game." The other major thorn in Anaheims side, other than Doughty and Quick, is Anze Kopitar. The Selke Trophy nominee is the leading scorer in the playoffs with 14 points despite being matched up consistently against other teams top players. Kopitar has registered at least one point in all nine of the Kings playoff games this spring. "When Im on the ice with Kopi Im playing completely different," said Doughty. "When I get the puck rather than maybe trying to rush it or something like that, if Kopis open Im just giving it to him no matter what and Im joining the rush. "When Kopis there you have full trust in him. He just makes things happen when he has the puck so I figure why not give it to the guy that makes things happen and try and get open for him." Despite their success, the core players on the Kings arent about to start feeling too good about themselves despite the current six game win streak. This is a veteran team just two years removed from a championship. And theyre way too smart to feel satisfied. "We know how quickly a series can change," said Doughty. "It just takes one moment sometimes. It can be a fight, just a big goal or anything like that. A series can change so quickly so you got to keep that foot on the gas pedal. We cant let them back in the series. "We have that killer instinct and we have to show that in the next game. If we let up for any second that [can be] the difference in the game, the difference between winning and losing." Only a couple weeks ago, the Kings appeared dead in the water after dropping the first three games against the Sharks. They dont want to give the Ducks a chance to author their own comeback story. "A 2-0 lead is great, but its not four," Stoll said. "Its not four wins and we know that better than anybody and we also know we havent played our best hockey to date." Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '
add to favorites U.S. womens soccer team star Hope Solo was arrested early Saturday morning on two counts of domestic assault at her home in the Seattle area. According to a police report obtained by the Seattle Times, police were called to the home Solo shares with COMPUTACIÓN - COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-15
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U.S. womens soccer team star Hope Solo was arrested early Saturday morning on two counts of domestic assault at her home in the Seattle area. According to a police report obtained by the Seattle Times, police were called to the home Solo shares with her husband, ex-NFL player Jerramy Stevens. Kirkland, Washington police Lieutenant Mike Murray told the newspaper that officers were called because of an assault and a noise disturbance at the residence. "There was a big party going on at her house. It was an out-of-control situation," Murray said. At some point during the party, Solo allegedly assaulted her sister and her 17-year-old nephew, he said. "There were visible injuries on them," Murray said. Solo will appear in court on Monday and is being held without bail. Solo, 32, was not with the U.S. national team this weekend as they played an international friendly against France in Hartford, Connecticut. The teams Twitter account said that Solo was not available for the match. She plays for the Seattle Reign of the National Womens Soccer League. Becky Sauerbrunn Jersey. The All Blacks played their best rugby of recent years when they beat South Africa 38-27 in Johannesburg two weeks ago, clinching the Rugby Championships in a match which has been hailed as one of the best ever played. Allie Long Jersey. The game marks the rare occasion when two homegrown running backs, Jon Cornish of the Calgary Stampeders and Andrew Harris of the B.C. Lions, will start in the West Divisions battle for a Grey Cup berth. The 20-year-old Barkley, whose impressive form this season could earn him a place in Englands World Cup squad, was hurt in Evertons 4-0 win over Queens Park Rangers in the FA Cup on Jan. Lynn Williams Jersey. Coming off a 6-0 drubbing at Chelsea on Saturday, Arsenal endured another demoralizing result after rallying for a 2-1 lead -- only to concede a fluke equalizer. Whitney Engen Jersey. The team sent out a press release on Friday stating Poile was resting and recovering and that he will remain in hospital for further observation. The Predators were preparing for the game against the Wild when Poile was hit by a puck that flew off the ice at him where he was standing in a tunnel behind the bench.ST. JOHNS, N.L. -- Tyler Toffoli scored a hat trick and added an assist to lead the Manchester Monarchs over the St. Johns IceCaps 6-0 on Saturday night in American Hockey League action. Jordan Weal, Andy Andreoff and Vincent LoVerde also scored for the Monarchs (26-11-6). Jean-Francois Berube made 28 saves for the shutout. Eddie Pasquale stopped 27 shots for the IceCaps (20-16-3), while Michael Hutchinson made one save on the only shot he faced in relief. Manchester opened the scoring as Weal hit a one-timer top shelf, from the faceoff dot, off a cross-ice feed 19:03 into the first period. Andreoff scored high blocker on a wristshot 4:49 into thhe second period, finishing off a 2-on-1 short-handed opportunity off a neutral zone turnover.dddddddddddd LoVerde scored a high wrist shot at the 12:48 mark of the second, capping off an extended shift with the IceCaps hemmed into their zone. Toffoli hit a one-time slapshot top corner, while wide-open in the slot at the 3:48 mark of the third. The Monarchs added insult to injury as Toffoli tapped home a rebound in front of the net with 7:07 left in the game. Toffoli completed the hat trick, finishing off a cross-ice feed 17:47 into the third period. St. Johns was 0 for 5 with the man advantage, while the Monarchs were 2 for 5. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '
add to favorites SAN JOSE, Calif. -- After enjoying the chance to watch Toronto beat Anaheim, the San Jose Sharks took advantage of a tired Maple Leafs team to move closer to the Ducks in the standings. Joe Pavelski had two goals and an assist and passed the 400-poin COMPUTACIÓN - COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-15
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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- After enjoying the chance to watch Toronto beat Anaheim, the San Jose Sharks took advantage of a tired Maple Leafs team to move closer to the Ducks in the standings. Joe Pavelski had two goals and an assist and passed the 400-point milestone for his career to lead San Jose to a third straight victory, 6-2 over Toronto on Tuesday night. "It was a moment where they play yesterday and we come out and we want to get on top of them a little bit and catch them a little tired," Pavelski said. "We were able to get the lead early." Tommy Wingels added a goal, an assist and a fight for the Sharks, who moved within two points of Anaheim for first place in the Pacific Division. Brent Burns, Marc-Edouard Vlasic and Marty Havlat added goals. Antti Niemi made 19 saves. Jake Gardiner scored twice for the Maple Leafs, who looked worn down one night after an emotional 3-1 win over the Ducks in coach Randy Carlyles return to Anaheim. James Reimer made 42 saves. "It seemed like there was one puck and they had it," Carlyle said. "We didnt get a chance to play with it." Pavelski scored San Joses final two goals to give him 34 for the season as he got the best of his matchup against his U.S. Olympic linemates Phil Kessel and James Van Riemsdyk. The two Toronto stars combined for a minus-7 rating going against lines centred by Logan Couture and Joe Thornton, and Van Riemsdyk was flattened on a hit by teammate Dion Phaneuf. "They played a lot in Anaheim last night so we wanted to wear them down," Sharks coach Todd McLellan said. "We felt that we could go at them with two lines, both Cooch and Jumbos. It didnt really matter." The Sharks took over the game with a dominant second period in which they put 15 of the first 16 shots on net and scored the only two goals. Wingels got it started when he flattened Peter Holland with a hard check in the defensive zone and then got in position to deflect Justin Brauns point shot off the ensuing rush for his 15th goal. Just 1:19 later, the Sharks went up 4-1 when Pavelski took a pass from Thornton and beat Reimer, giving him 400 NHL points. The Maple Leafs struggled to generate any scoring chances. Mason Raymond was unable to get off a shot on a breakaway attempt, and Toronto put no shots on goal during its first power play. "From the beginning we werent ready to play," Gardiner said. "We gave up two pretty quick ones and no one really played well. Their top two lines are as good as most teams first lines." About the only facet of the game that didnt go well for the Sharks was their struggling power play, which failed to convert on six chances and is 2-for-54 over the past 17 games. Even a two-man advantage for 1:34 late in the second period couldnt do the trick but it didnt matter as San Jose was firmly in control. The Sharks also allowed a short-handed goal by Gardiner in the third period. It was an action-packed first period that featured three goals, two replay reviews and one fight as San Jose took a 2-1 lead on goals by Vlasic and Burns. In one dizzying 28-second stretch, the Sharks took the lead when Matt Nieto took the puck away from Gardiner behind the net and fed Vlasic in the high slot for a slap shot that made it 1-0 with his first goal in 37 games. Just 25 seconds later, Gardiner made up for his mistake when he scored on a give-and-go with Raymond following a turnover in the offensive zone by Havlat. On the ensuing faceoff, former Maple Leafs enforcer Mike Brown fought Troy Bodie. The Sharks had one apparent goal by Wingels waved off when referee Dave Jackson ruled he intended to blow the whistle before Wingels poked in a loose puck. "I thought it was a good goal, but I guess they didnt see it that way," Wingels said. "But the team responded after that. You can get frustrated and kind of sulk about it or react the way our team did and thats to score a few more after that. It was a good response." Just minutes later, Jackson waved off another apparent goal by Burns before being overruled on replay. NOTES: Vlasic was plus-5 for the game. ... Sharks F Raffi Torres missed the game with soreness. ... Maple Leafs D Cody Franson was scratched because he was sick. Roger Clemens Jersey.Brooks, a three-year veteran, was slow to get up after suffering the injury during a 5-yard run by Arian Foster.Brooks limped off the field midway through the quarter and then slowly walked to the locker room a few minutes later. Fred Lynn Jersey. Ricciardos exclusion from the results tarnished what had been a day of celebration for local fans, who were jubilant that the Red Bull driver had apparently become the first Australian to finish on the podium at his home race. However just before midnight, stewards ruled that Ricciardos car had "exceeded consistently the maximum allowed fuel flow" and that the team refused an instruction from the races technical delegate Charlie Whiting to change the fuel-flow sensor before the race and a further request during the race to reduce the fuel flow. - The situation looked bleak at best for the coach Doc Rivers Clippers — down by four points with 18 seconds left in the fourth quarter. John Lackey Jersey. Henry, who missed three games with a knee injury, was charged with a handball in the penalty area in the 82nd minute as he went to block a strike from Patrick Mullins. On the ensuing penalty kick, Lee Nguyen picked up his fourth goal of the season, giving the Revolution a 2-1 win Saturday afternoon. Carl Yastrzemski Jersey. PAUL, Minn.MADRID - An own goal by Rayo Vallecano defender Abdoulaye Ba gifted Cordoba a 1-0 win in the Spanish league on Monday.Cordoba raced up the field on a counter-attack and Senegalese central defender Bas mis-hit his attempted clearance and the ball landed in the back of goalkeeper Antonio Rodriguezs net.Cordoba rose above the relegation zone to 15th place on 17 points, while Rayo is 11th place onn 20 after 18 rounds.dddddddddddd.Real Madrid leads the standings on 42 points after 17 rounds, with a game in hand because of its December participation in the Club World Cup.The postponed 16th-round fixture against Sevilla will take place Feb. 4 at the Santiago Bernabeu, the league announce Monday.Barcelona is second on 41 points, three more than third-place Atletico Madrid. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '
add to favorites ST. LOUIS -- Matched against ace Clayton Kershaw, the only thing Michael Wacha lacked was a no-hit watch. "Hes becoming a guy a lot of teams wish they drafted," teammate David Freese said. "What hes done is remarkable, especially on this stage." Wach COMPUTACIÓN - COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-15
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ST. LOUIS -- Matched against ace Clayton Kershaw, the only thing Michael Wacha lacked was a no-hit watch. "Hes becoming a guy a lot of teams wish they drafted," teammate David Freese said. "What hes done is remarkable, especially on this stage." Wacha stared down a bases-loaded test in the sixth inning and pitched into the seventh, and the kids in the bullpen also were impervious to October pressure, keeping the Los Angeles Dodgers bats silent for the second straight day and winning 1-0 Saturday for a 2-0 lead in the NL championship series. "Im kind of at a loss for words to describe him," said fellow rookie Kevin Siegrist, who got a big out to end the seventh. "Its kind of ridiculous how well hes done so far." The Cardinals managed only two hits off Kershaw and the Dodgers, but Jon Jays sacrifice fly set up by Freeses double and A.J. Ellis passed ball in the fifth stood up. The Dodgers scoreless streak in the NLCS reached 19 innings after they averaged 6 1/2 runs in a four-game division series against Atlanta. Rookie fireballer Trevor Rosenthal struck out the side in the ninth with a heater reaching 101 mph, fanning pinch-hitter Andre Ethier on three pitches to end it. A day after outlasting Los Angeles 3-2 in 13 innings, the Cardinals moved two wins away from the World Series. Game 3 is Monday at Dodger Stadium, with Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright facing rookie Hyun-Jin Ryu. The Dodgers have already used their top two starters and have nothing to show for it. "We dont get too far ahead of ourselves," Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said. "We dont deny also whats happened here the last two days. "Those were two very good wins, two very tough wins when you face starters like that." Hanley Ramirez and Ethier were out of the Dodgers lineup with injuries after starting in the opener. Los Angeles missed a handful of opportunities, going 0 for 6 with runners in scoring position for a two-day total of 1 for 16. Star rookie Yasiel Puig struck out in all four of his at-bats. "We had our chances," Kershaw said. "We had our chances, for sure. Youve got to give a lot of credit to Wacha." The teams may have been hindered by shadows creeping across Busch Stadium in a late-afternoon start, with lights providing no real help. Both also were no doubt fatigued, which might have shown on the crucial passed ball by Ellis that wound up resulting in an unearned run. Wacha was nearly untouchable for the third straight start, allowing five hits with eight strikeouts and a walk in 6 2-3 innings. The 22-year-old right-hander was one out away from a no-hitter in his last start of the regular season, losing it on an infield hit by Washingtons Ryan Zimmerman. Wacha ignored a crowd chanting his name in Game 4 of the division series at Pittsburgh, holding the Pirates hitless for 7 1-3 innings to bring the series back home. In 22 2-3 innings in his last three starts, Wacha has given up two runs on seven hits with 26 strikeouts and five walks. The 6-6 Wacha struck out Puig and Juan Uribe with the bases loaded to end the sixth. Catcher Yadier Molina helped by making a couple trips to the mound. "That was a game-changer right there," Molina said. "To get out of that inning was unbelievable." Kershaw led off with a single, and runners were on second and third after second baseman Matt Carpenter slid in shallow right to glove Carl Crawfords infield hit but threw it away for an error trying to get a forceout at second. Adrian Gonzalez was walked intentionally to load the bases and the Dodgers 4-5 hitters coming up. Puig struck out on a fastball in the dirt and Uribe had a feeble cut chasing a 1-2 pitch out of the zone. Carpenter tripled on Kershaws first pitch of the game but didnt budge when the lefty retired the next three on nine pitches. The Cardinals had another runner at third with nobody out in the fifth after Freese doubled and advanced on a passed ball by Ellis, This time they converted on Jays sacrifice fly to shallow left as Crawfords throw was well offline. The previous pitch the Cardinals tried to squeeze in a run with the Dodgers infield playing in, but Jay fouled off a 1-1 pitch. Kershaw worked six snappy innings, needing just 72 pitches. He gave up two hits and struck out five. The majors ERA leader had plenty left, too, but the Dodgers needed runs and manager Don Mattingly opted for pinch-hitter Michael Young after Nick Puntos two-out single in the seventh. "I always want to stay in the game, but I understand where Donnies coming from," Kershaw said. "I get it. We cant give up any more outs and Michael Young is one of the best players the last 10 years." The Cardinals lifted Wacha for another stingy rookie. Siegrist, who had a minuscule 0.45 ERA in his debut season, threw a pair of wild pitches before getting Young on a flyout to end the seventh. Relievers Randy Choate and Carlos Martinez pitched the eighth for St. Louis before turning it over to Rosenthal. The Cardinals handed Kershaw two of his nine losses this season and have beaten him four consecutive times overall. NOTES: SS Ramirez was a late scratch with sore ribs after getting plunked in the first inning of Game 1. Ethier has been slowed by a sore ankle. ... Carpenter has a hit each of the first two games after entering the NLCS in a 3 for 39 slump. ... Choate, the lone veteran reliever the Cardinals used in Game 2, has gotten two outs on four pitches in two appearances. Sean Rodriguez Jersey. Howard had 17 points and a career-high-tying 26 rebounds in his Houston debut, James Harden added 21 points and the Rockets cruised to a 96-83 win over the Charlotte Bobcats on Wednesday night. Pittsburgh Pirates Jerseys. The Toronto Argonauts running back hurt his left ankle during the teams practice Friday afternoon at Rogers Centre. The 155th edition of the Plate for Canadian-foaled three-year-olds, the oldest continuously run stakes race in North America, will be televised live on TSN in HD (High Definition) in a special presentation from 4:30 – 6:00 pm ET. Post time is 5:38 pm. Dave Parker - Chris Kreider tallied a goal and an assist as the New York Rangers capped a successful California road trip with a 3-1 victory over the San Jose Sharks on Saturday. Francisco Cervelli Jersey. Compared to what hes gone through in recent weeks, that seemed like a breeze. Speaking to The Associated Press on Friday at an NBA Cares event, Silver said hes thrilled that the leagues attention can be on the championship series between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs -- and not, as it was for so much of the post-season, on the off-the-court matters involving the banishment of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and now the looming sale of that franchise. Two former University of Ottawa hockey players were charged Friday after a lengthy police investigation into an alleged sexual assault which took place when the now-suspended team was in Thunder Bay, Ont., for a game earlier this year. Guillaume Donovan, 24, and David Foucher, 25, both of Gatineau, Que., were each charged with one count of sexual assault. According to their team profiles, Donovan, who played as a forward, was in the universitys geography program, while Foucher, a defenceman, studied human kinetics. The varsity hockey team was suspended in March after the universitys president announced a police investigation was underway into the alleged incident which took place when the University of Ottawa Gee Gees were in Thunder Bay to play the team from Lakehead University. The news rattled the universitys students, particularly as it came just days after revelations of a sexually explicit online chat about the head of the student union. On Friday, Thunder Bay police, who had previously remained tight-lipped on the case, released basic details of the incident. The alleged assault involved a 21-year-old female victim and allegedly took place in a hotel early on February 2, they said. Police, however, were only made aware of the incident on Feb 25, when a third party came forward with a complaint. What followed was months of careful investigation which involved police in Thunder Bay, Ottawa and even members of the RCMP. Investigators also travelled to Ottawa in March to conduct interviews with members of the hockey program. "It was a very complex investigation given the two locations and the fact that the incident occurred here in Thunder Bay but these individuals had travelled from Ottawa," said Thunder Bay police spokesman Chris Adams. "The work in actually being able to track down esseentially as many people as possible from the hockey team or anyone connected to that hockey team in Ottawa, took quite a bit of leg work.dddddddddddd And then of course theres the logistics involved afterwards, reviewing the case -- so it was quite extensive." Donovan and Foucher have been released from custody and are set to appear in court in Thunder Bay on Sept. 30. The police investigation was separate from a probe by the university, which resulted in the firing of head coach Real Paiement and the suspension of the program through the 2014-2015 season. Certain members of the hockey team complained that they were being tarred by the scandal sparked by the action of a few individuals -- a situation that university president Allan Rock acknowledged in June. "The shadow cast by the allegations of misconduct has affected all members of the team, some unfairly," he had said, while adding that the university could not single out certain players as it was waiting for the police investigation to conclude. On Friday, the university said the charges announced dont alter the suspension of the hockey program, or the firing of its head coach. "That decision followed our review of an independent investigators report about the events in Thunder Bay," university spokeswoman Caroline Milliard said in a statement. "The universitys focus was not on whether a criminal offence had been committed or whether a conviction could be secured. The universitys focus was on whether the players behaviour met the standards that the university community is entitled to expect from those who have the privilege of wearing the universitys colours." The university said that it was rebuilding its mens varsity hockey program, with plans to hire a new coach and implement new behaviour guidelines. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '
add to favorites BEREA, Ohio -- Brandon Weedens not worried, so he figures everyone else should chill out. Relax. The games dont really count yet. Weeden struggled and Clevelands first-team offence sputtered during Saturday nights exhibition loss to Indianapolis. Fol COMPUTACIÓN - COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-15
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BEREA, Ohio -- Brandon Weedens not worried, so he figures everyone else should chill out. Relax. The games dont really count yet. Weeden struggled and Clevelands first-team offence sputtered during Saturday nights exhibition loss to Indianapolis. Following positive performances in the Browns first two preseason games, Weedens bumpy outing brought out some here-we-go-again comments by his critics and renewed anxiety among Cleveland fans with the Sept. 8 season opener against Miami quickly approaching. Weeden, though, isnt uneasy. "I dont think there is any reason to push the panic button like a lot of people want to," Weeden said Monday before practice. "But weve got to learn from it and weve got to get better. Weve got to take the things that we didnt do very well and correct them and get better come Thursday (at Chicago) and moving forward when we play Miami." Clevelands offence didnt click against the Colts in a 27-6 loss. After completing his first six passes, Weeden, who was so impressive in the Browns first two exhibitions, was off the mark on some easy throws and forced a couple passes that should have been intercepted. The Browns didnt score on their first seven possessions, and coach Rob Chudzinski left his starters in for an extra series in the third quarter just so they could get a feel-good field goal. There were dropped passes, two critical penalties, a fumble by wide receiver Greg Little and Weeden was often under pressure as Clevelands offensive line had a tough time with Indys quickness. It didnt look good, but Weeden said it wasnt all bad and the Browns can learn from their mistakes. "There were some things we missed, thats going to be like that every game," Weeden said. "We just couldnt get any momentum going. Its tough when you get in third-and-long situations, we made it tough on ourselves. Their defence played outstanding. Their coverage was great all night. Ive watched the tape four times and all four times their coverage was really, really good. "So, you gotta give credit where credit is due. They played well and weve got to play better." Indianapolis was a playoff team last season and is at a much higher level than St. Louis or Detroit, Clevelands first two preseason opponents. The Colts may have brought the Browns back to earth, undressing them in the "dress rehearsal" for the regular season. To Weeden, thats not a bad thing. "Sometimes you need that," he said. "You need a little slap in the face to say Listen, youve got to keep continuing to grind. Its human nature to get a little ahead of yourself, but what better timing? It doesnt count in the win-loss record for the regular season. We can correct all the mistakes we made, so we knew it was not going to be perfect all the time. "Its just impossible to play 20 games throughout the regular season, perfect games. Its just not going to happen. Wed been pretty good the first two games. Now its just how do we deal with that adversity? How do we move on? Itll be a big step for us." Weeden said Clevelands simplistic game plan may have contributed to the Browns not moving the chains. And as for his "panic button" comment, Weeden said that if there is any negativity, its coming from outside Clevelands facility. "The attitude in here has been great, so its not in this room," he said. "Were excited. We saw the mistakes, but they are all fixable. That one is behind us and now were looking forward to Chicago and thats going to be here before we know it." On Sunday, Chudzinski said its possible Clevelands starters could play a few series this week against the Bears. Most NFL coaches resist putting their first-teamers on the field in the final preseason game to avoid any unnecessary injuries. But Chudzinski is more concerned that if his starters sit this week, there will be a 14-day gap between live action. "Thats a decent amount of time without playing a game," Chudzinski said. "Thats something that weighs into it." Other factors hell consider will be Clevelands choppy game in Indy as well as an inexperienced team that needs to grow. The best way to promote that is to play. Weeden would welcome a chance to work out any kinks on the field against the Bears. "If thats what he wants to do, absolutely," Weeden said. "Im a creature of habit and I like to prepare and I like to not take a ton of time off and skip anything that I normally do. I like as many reps as I can get. I feel good where I am; I feel comfortable within the offence and as far as the preparation leading up to it. "I feel good, but I wouldnt mind playing a few series if thats the direction he wants to go." ---- NOTES: Rookie LB Barkevious Mingo watched practice as he continues to recover from a bruised lung. The No. 6 overall hasnt practiced since coming out of the Aug. 15 game against the Lions. ... Starting TE Jordan Cameron was kept out of practice with a strained groin. ... As expected, LB Jabaal Sheard (knee), WR Davone Bess (knee tendinitis) and TE Gary Barnidge (sprained shoulder) all practiced. ... Rookie K Brandon Bogotay (strained groin), CB Chris Owens (strained foot), S Jamoris Slaughter (groin), DE Desmond Bryant (back spasms) worked on the side with trainers. Boyd Gordon Jersey. Alen, 28, hit .315 with five home runs, 59 RBI and a career-high nine stolen bases for the Goldeyes last season. He is the longest serving catcher in Goldeyes history, having already spent five seasons with the organization. Adam Larsson Jersey.J. -- Freshman Eli Carter scored a career-high 31 points and hit the go-ahead basket in the second overtime as Rutgers rallied to stun No. moustache: How can we not give this to Lanny McDonald? Check out the duster for yourself. Drake Caggiula Jersey. -- Deshorn Brown scored twice, the first coming 13 seconds into the game, and the Colorado Rapids beat the undermanned Seattle Sounders 5-1 Saturday night. Anton Slepyshev Jersey. -- Green Bay wide receiver Greg Jennings will be on the sideline as the Packers make their push for a perfect regular season.SAN FRANCISCO -- Matt Cains winless drought is over, even though the Giants three-time All-Star pitcher is still struggling with some of his mechanics. After nearly seven weeks of frustration, Cain isnt about to complain. Buster Posey hit a go-ahead double as part of a three-run fifth inning and San Francisco held on to beat the Miami Marlins 6-4 on Thursday night. Cain (1-3) earned his first win of the season despite another shaky outing at AT&T Park. The former San Francisco ace gave up two home runs and allowed all the Marlins scoring in the first three innings before settling down to pitch into the eighth. "He didnt cave in," Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. "He gave up four runs in the first three innings and here he is in the eighth. It says a lot about him. Good for him. Its got to be a good feeling." Cain hadnt won since Aug. 17, 2013 -- a string of 11 consecutive starts. It looked like the drought might continue after Cain was nearly knocked out of the game in the third inning, but he stuck around long enough to get the win in his second outing since slicing the index finger on his right hand. After giving up two home runs to the first seven batters he faced, Cain settled down to allowed six hits over 7 2-3 uneven innings. He struck out seven and walked three. "I made some bad pitches and those guys really capitalized on it," Cain said. "I was making good pitches other than that. I just needed to eliminate the big one that kept costing me." Mike Morse homered for the second consecutive game and drove in three runs while Hunter Pence added three hits and scored twice for the Giants, who trailed by three runs before rallying to bail out Cain. Garrett Jones hit his sixth home run for Miami. The Marlins had won 12 of their last 15 games at the Giants waterfront ballpark and were comfortably ahead 4-1 before San Franciscos comeback. "We swung the bats great in the first three innings," Miami manager Mike Redmond said. "We have to do a better job of shutting them down after we score..dddddddddddd We have to do a better job of executing our pitches and shutting them down." Morse, who finished with three hits, cut the gap to 4-3 when he hit a two-run home run off Miami starter Nathan Eovaldi (2-2) in the third. The Giants took the lead for good in the fifth after Angel Pagan drew a leadoff walk and Pence singled. Posey followed with his towering drive to right-centre. Morse added an RBI single. Jeremy Affeldt retired one batter and Sergio Romo worked the ninth for his 14th save. Miami couldnt capitalize off the quick start and was held scoreless over the final six innings. The Marlins announced before the game that ace Jose Fernandez will have Tommy John surgery Friday, ending the season for the reigning NL Rookie of the Year. "Our focus is to get him back," Redmond said. "Im glad hes having it done and starting his recovery process. Obviously its a big blow for us." Giancarlo Stanton singled in the fifth to extend his 17-game hitting streak but the Marlins dropped to 2-6 on their 11-game road trip. Cain fell behind early after giving up a solo home run to Derek Dietrich with one out in the first. Miami added two runs in the second on Jones two-run homer, then made it 4-1 on Casey McGehees RBI double in the third. Eovaldi gave up an RBI groundout to Brandon Hicks in the second then retired four straight following Morses home run until the Giants broke the game open in the fifth. Eovaldi allowed nine hits and six runs over 4 1-3 innings. NOTES: Pablo Sandoval went 1 for 4 in his return to the Giants lineup after leaving Sundays win over Atlanta with a sore toe. ... RHP Anthony DeSclafani, who made his major league debut Sunday in Fernandezs place, will remain in the Marlins rotation for now. ... RHP Henderson Alvarez (2-3) pitches Friday and makes his second career start against the Giants. ... Tim Hudson was scheduled to pitch for San Francisco but has been scratched due to a hip strain. RHP Yusmeiro Petit (2-1) will start in Hudsons place. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '
add to favorites WHISTLER, B.C. -- Canadas Alex Gough slid to the first singles silver of her World Cup luge career Saturday, missing the top of the podium by just 0.133 seconds. Germanys Natalie Geisenberger won her fourth straight race with a combined two-run time COMPUTACIÓN - COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-15
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WHISTLER, B.C. -- Canadas Alex Gough slid to the first singles silver of her World Cup luge career Saturday, missing the top of the podium by just 0.133 seconds. Germanys Natalie Geisenberger won her fourth straight race with a combined two-run time of one minute 13.412 seconds for gold. "My second run wasnt as great as I wanted it to be," said Gough, who finished with a time of 1:13.545. "I had a few little skids here and there and (it) could have been a little bit better. I put it together and had two good, consistent runs and I had the performance I wanted. "It definitely confirms that what were doing in training and what were doing off the track and all of that is working." The 26-year-old from Calgary adds a silver to her trophy case alongside 10 other World Cup medals -- including two golds -- and two third-place finishes in world championships. Germanys Anke Wischnewski was third on Saturday night at the Whistler Sliding Centre with a time of 1:13.622. Gough was fourth last week in Winterberg, Germany, and won bronze in the first World Cup race of the season in Lillehammer, Norway, three weeks ago. She also won bronze at the 2013 world championship in Whistler. Geisenberger won gold in womens singles at last seasons world championship after taking bronze at the 2010 Olympics on the same track. "My sled is good. My start is good," said Geisenberger, who holds the track record. "The line is nearly perfect." Gough, who will be among the Canadians looking to win the countrys first-ever Olympic luge medal at the Sochi Games, said Geisenberger is in the zone right now. "Shes just on right now. Shes doing so well and shes sliding really well," said Gough. "Im just going to keep chasing and keep trying to catch her at the start and down the start. "Always hoping to be on the top (of the podium) but Im definitely happy with the performance that I had and the result that I produced." Canadians Kimberley McRae, Arianne Jones, Jordan Smith, also all from Calgary, finished 11th, 14th and 17th, respectively. The team relay went later Saturday. Notes: Park City, Utah, will host the second of two North American stops on the World Cup luge schedule next week. ... The Whistler Sliding Centre is the same venue where 21-year-old Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili died just hours before the start of the 2010 Olympics. Justin Hardy Jersey. Neither striker Demba Ba nor Fernando Torres came close to scoring as Chelsea was left unsuccessfully appealing for penalties in this drab penultimate game of the season. "Our strikers are good strikers, no doubt about that, but players with some specific qualities," Mourinho said. Dontari Poe Jersey. As each game passes (each has played close with the exception of last night) it becomes clearer just how evenly matched these two teams are and how one mistake, or one bad inning, is likely to sway the result. According to, MacDonald needs an x-ray on his right ankle and doctors clearance to fight or he will be subject to a mandatory medical suspension that will end on August 22, 2014. Ty Sambrailo presents its latest weekly power rankings for the 2013-14 Barclays Premier League season. Tevin Coleman - The 2014 Holiday Bowl is the first postseason venture pitting a pair of ranked foes against each other, as No.CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Panthers coach Ron Rivera still isnt sure wholl protect quarterback Cam Newtons blindside this season. But he doesnt seem overly worried. The Panthers have been searching for a replacement for longtime left tackle Jordan Gross, who retired earlier this off-season. Byron Bell, last years starting right tackle, and Nate Chandler, a converted defensive tackle, have been working as the starting tackles during OTAs. Theyve been flip-flopping from left to right tackle, depending on the day. Neither has played left tackle before in the NFL. Rivera said veteran Garry Williams, who is coming off a knee injury, could also figure into the mix once healthy. "Weve not decided on a lot of positions yet," Rivera said. "The biggest thing we have right now is competition and guys working. ... Well see how we are once we get into training camp." Newton hasnt participated in OTAs except to throw on the side. He said he could be ready for minicamp next week, but at the very least should be completely healthy when training camp begins July 24. "Come game time, its no doubt in my mind that every single person will be ready to go. That is what OTAs and minicamp are designed for -- to get these guys prepared, to get myself prepared," Newton said. "When that ball is snapped I have full confidence in Nate Chandler and Byron Bell that they will get the job done." While many teams invest millions in protecting their quarterbacks blindside, the Panthers seem to be taking a chance with lower-priced players who havent played the position. Bell and Chandler will make a combined $2.6 million this season. Both players insist they dont have a preference on which position they play. "Were both getting an equal opportunity to win a job, which is nice," Chandler said.dddddddddddd Said Bell: "I really dont care. Either position, wherever coach sees being the best fit for either one of us is fine. Im just trying to win football games. If that means left tackle, right tackle or on the bench, wherever the team needs me is fine." Filling Gross shoes wont be easy. A three-time Pro Bowl selection, Gross started 167 games during his 10 seasons with the Panthers and was a member of the Super Bowl team as a rookie in 2003. The 6-foot-4, 315-pound Chandler is an intriguing story. He was signed as an undrafted free agent in 2012 out of UCLA. He started his career with the Bruins as an offensive lineman, but later moved to tight end as a sophomore and then to defensive tackle for his final two seasons. When he arrived in Carolina he saw spot duty at defensive tackle a rookie, playing in 10 games with five tackles in 2012. But coaches thought with Chandlers combination of quickness and size he might be more valuable on the offensive line, so they moved him there last year in training camp. Chandler started eight games in 2013 -- six at right guard and two at right tackle -- due to injuries. Bell was also undrafted. He came out of New Mexico in 2011 and was thrust in the mix as a rookie. Hes started 41 games over the past three seasons for Carolina -- all but one of those at right tackle. "Im left handed, so Ill feel comfortable over there," said Bell, who started three years at left tackle at New Mexico. "But if it is right tackle, Im certainly fine over there. "The big thing is we as an offensive line have to do is go in with the mindset that we have to keep No. 1 (Newton) upright. And if you have a bad play, you have to forget about and move on the next one because that (pass rusher) will be coming again." Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '
add to favorites SAN ANTONIO -- The Portland Trail Blazers were clearly rattled by the San Antonio Spurs in the opener of the Western Conference semifinals, and they were almost snake bit before Game 2. A baby rattlesnake, estimated at about 3 to 4 feet, was discover COMPUTACIÓN - COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-15
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SAN ANTONIO -- The Portland Trail Blazers were clearly rattled by the San Antonio Spurs in the opener of the Western Conference semifinals, and they were almost snake bit before Game 2. A baby rattlesnake, estimated at about 3 to 4 feet, was discovered in the teams locker room at the AT&T Center about two hours before the game Thursday. It was found by reserve forward Thomas Robinson, who recoiled a few feet after seeing the snake when he moved a bag from his locker. "I didnt (see it)," Portland coach Terry Stotts said. "They said it was a young one." Young or not, guard Mo Williams tweeted that it was a scary experience. Rattlesnakes are a venomous species that can grow up to 8 feet and weigh more than 10 pounds. It takes its name from a "rattle" at the end of its tail that produces a rattling sound when shaken to warn predators of its presence. It is unknown if the rattlesnake found in the locker room made any noise, but Robinsons cries were enough to alert his teammates of its presence. "Well, its bizarre to have a venomous snake in your locker room," Stotts said. "I dont know if its ever happened before. That sounds like an ABA story." The Spurs have a history in the ABA and also with critters in the AT&T Center. The stadium hosts the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo each February and its grounds are used for livestock shows during the three-week event. Spurs guard Manu Ginobili also swatted down a bat that was flying above the court at the AT&T Center on Nov. 1, 2009. Ginobili had to have rabies shots after striking the bat with his bare hands. Fortunately for the Spurs, Ginobili wasnt needed to corral the snake. "I think some people here (captured it)," Stotts said, smiling. "They have them on hand at the AT&T Center. They have a specialist." It probably wasnt a good omen for Portland, which is seeking to even its series with San Antonio. "Or a good sign," Stotts said. "We survived." The Trail Blazers will gladly accept any good fortune after being walloped in their first second-round appearance in 14 years. San Antonio led by as many as 31 points and never trailed in rolling to a 116-92 victory on Tuesday. Tony Parker had 32 points and nine assists, as many as Portland had as a team, as the Trail Blazers never threatened the defending Western Conference champions. Stotts was asked if he thought someone from the Spurs had planted the snake to rattle his young charges. "Youre the investigative reporter, you figure it out," Stotts said, tongue in cheek. Stotts was then asked if he considered returning the favour and planting the snake in San Antonios locker room. "That thing, its like Fort Knox over there. You cant get in," he said. Well, the room with officials Joe Crawford, Bill Spooner, Derrick Stafford and Sean Wright is only about 50 feet away from the Blazers locker room. "And I cant comment on the officials," Stotts said, laughing. Custom Los Angeles Rams - Nino Williams posted 18 points and seven rebounds, as Kansas State edged No. Connor Barwin Jersey. Dallas also Monday recalled defenceman Aaron Rome from his conditioning assignment with the Texas Stars of the American Hockey League and assigned goaltender Jack Campbell to the AHL squad. His head snapped back from the impact and hit the floor. The All-Star power forward was all right afterward, a relief for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Pharoh Cooper Jersey. -- Mississippis Andrew Ritter said his game-winning, 41-yard field goal felt good off his foot. Trumaine Johnson Jersey. Campbell, playing on loan with Greek club Olympiacos, found the net with a left-footed shot in the 44th minute off a pass from second-half substitute Jorge Rojas to open the scoring at Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica.The Toronto Raptors will venture out of the great white north when they start a two-game tour of Florida with Saturdays showdown against the Orlando Magic at Amway Center. You catch all of the action LIVE on TSN 1050 at 6pm et. The Raptors will visit the Miami Heat on Sunday, part of a stretch playing three of four on the road. They opened the 2014-15 campaign on a positive note with Wednesdays 109-102 triumph versus the Atlanta Hawks, Toronto, which is favored to win another Atlantic Division title, was led by Amir Johnsons 16 points and 10 rebounds. Jonas Valanciunas scored 17 points, while DeMar DeRozan scored 15 points with a career-high 11 rebounds and six steals in the win. Kyle Lowry opted to stick around with a four-year extension in the offseason and was credited with 11 points and 10 assists. It was a good game for us, said Vasquez. A good first one to get going. Its way too early to determine what type of team we are going to be. We gotta take it (to teams) at home. The Raptors capitalized on 19 Atlanta turnovers and converted them into 23 points. Toronto won a franchise-record 22 road games last season. Head coach Dwane Casey needs seven winns to tie Lenny Wilkens (113) for second on the teams all-time list.dddddddddddd Sam Mitchell holds the team record with 156 victories. Orlando has lost to New Orleans and Washington so far and will try to avoid its first 0-3 start since 2005. The Magic shot 38.1 percent in the 101-84 loss at New Orleans and Tobias Harris scored 25 points. Two nights later, the Magic dropped a 105-98 decision at home to the Wizards, as they improved from the floor to the tune of 51.4 percent shooting. Nikola Vucevic had 23 points and 12 rebounds, Ben Gordon netted 22 off the bench and Evan Fournier dropped 21. Harris was limited to 14 points. A valiant effort in the fourth quarter (32-23) came up short for Orlando, which scored only 15 points in the third (28-15). I loved the urgency they played with once they got down, Magic head coach Jacque Vaughn said. After hosting the Raptors, Orlando will visit Chicago and Philadelphia. The Magic lost all three meetings with the Raptors last season and are winless in the previous seven encounters between the teams. Toronto is unbeaten in its last three trips to central Florida, but trails the all-time series, 34-33. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '
add to favorites Manchester City have fresh injury concerns over captain Vincent Kompany after he pulled out just before Belgiums friendly with the Netherlands on Wednesday night. Belgium boss Roberto Martinez said Kompany was only withdrawn as a precaution but admit COMPUTACIÓN - COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-15
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Manchester City have fresh injury concerns over captain Vincent Kompany after he pulled out just before Belgiums friendly with the Netherlands on Wednesday night. Belgium boss Roberto Martinez said Kompany was only withdrawn as a precaution but admits he does not know whether he will have the defender available for Sundays World Cup qualifying clash with Estonia, live on Sky Sports.Following the 1-1 draw in Amsterdam, Martinez told Sky Sports News HQ: We did not want to take any risks with him and Kompany did not feel well after the warm-up. We will assess him and then wait to see what the outcome is. Belgium vs Estonia November 13, 2016, 7:40pm Live on Get Sky Sports Get a Sky Sports pass Kompany was named in Belgiums starting XI for the first time in a year but, after warming up with the rest of the squad, was replaced by Watfords Christian Kabasele moments before the game.Several injuries have limited Kompany to only four appearances this season, and his anticipated Belgium outing would have been his first since the EFL Cup Manchester derby on October 26, a game in which he was withdrawn at half-time. Kompany was in good spirits earlier in the week training with Evertons Romelu Lukaku He has only completed one game all season and played only 14 games in the 2015/2016 Premier League campaign as City finished a distant fourth behind Leicester City.Speaking after the match on Wednesday night, international team-mate and Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen told SSNHQ: Vincent pulled out and I hope hes going to be OK. Hes just got to be careful.Watch Belgium v Estonia on Sunday, Sky Sports 1HD from 7.40pm Also See: Man City video Man City fixtures Man City stats Get a £10 free bet! Evan Fournier Jersey. "I dont know where we would be without him," McClendon said. "Hes done a tremendous job for us and (Wednesday) was no different." Logan Morrison drove in two runs in Seattles big sixth inning, Young pitched seven strong innings and the Mariners beat the Houston Astros 5-2 to complete a three-game sweep. Jonathan Isaac Jersey. 1. AMIR JOHNSON: Nice to see him back in the lineup Tuesday night in Washington DC. Played with great energy and purpose. Its amazing when a guy gets those few precious days to recover what it does to the bounce in their step and overall game/confidence. Tyutin has missed the last nine games with an ankle injury which occurred while playing for Russia at the Olympics. The top-two defenceman has four goals and 20 assists, 30 penalty minutes and a plus-6 rating in 53 games with Columbus this season. Elfrid Payton Jersey. Villar connected off Joe Saunders (11-14), sending a drive well over the left-field fence for his first career homer. The Astros scored six times in the first three innings to chase Saunders. Marreese Speights NHL Power Rankings, ahead of the Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Blues and Anaheim Ducks. Moving up, from 10 to seven this week, the Pittsburgh Penguins have won seven straight despite a depleted lineup. White Sox rookie first baseman Jose Abreu came to major league baseball with some hype, as many Cubans do, but there wasnt any expectation for the kind of first month that hes enjoying. 27-years-old with a power-hitters build (listed at 6-foot-3, 255 pounds), Abreu has roared into the majors, with 10 home runs, 31 RBI, a .262 batting average and .962 OPS in his first 26 games. As with any one-month sample, these numbers arent sustainable, but what is fair to expect from Abreu? For one thing, his batting average on balls in play is .246, which is well below average, so it would be fair to expect his batting average to go up as a few more balls fall in, but hes also had a major-league best 33.3% of his flyballs leave the park, which isnt going to hold. Over the past five seasons, there have been two seasons in which a player finished with more than 27% of his flyballs turning into home runs -- Adam Dunn in 2012 (29.3%) and Chris Davis in 2013 (29.6%) -- so Abreu is most likely to fall off his current 62-home run pace. No, seriously. What will bear watching with Abreu is how pitchers adjust to him as he makes his way through the league. He swings at a lot of pitches out of the strike zone and hes already seeing among thelowest percentage of strikes when hes at the plate, so pitchers are learning. Its also interesting to note that, thus far, while Abreu destroys fastballs and sliders, hes struggled with change-ups. If thats the scouting report, surely hell start seeing more change-ups, if just to affect his timing. At this point, 14.5% of the pitches Abreu has faced have been change-ups; it will be interesting to see if that number increases over the next month or more. None of this anticipated regression should come as a surprise, merely as a caution.dddddddddddd Baseball tends to catch up to sluggers, especially ones that are willing to expand their strike zone by swinging freely. GOOD ADDS (available in at least 40% of TSN leagues) Nick Castellanos, 3B, Detroit - 3 HR, 13 RBI, .258 AVG, 7 R, 66 AB (Available: 71.6%) Dioner Navarro, C, Toronto - 1 HR, 14 RBI, .309 AVG, 11 R, 81 AB (Available: 89.6%) Alberto Callaspo, 3B/2B, Oakland - 3 HR, 13 RBI, .272 AVG, 9 R, 81 AB (Available: 74.6%) Casey McGehee, 3B, Miami - 0 HR, 16 RBI, .287 AVG, 5 R, 94 AB (Available: 75.8%) Dillon Gee, RHP, N.Y. Mets - 2-1, 2.88 ERA, 1.01 WHIP, 27 K, 40 2/3 IP (Available: 65.7%) Ian Kennedy, RHP, San Diego - 2-3, 3.16 ERA, 0.95 WHIP, 37 K, 37 IP (Available: 76.2%) CLOSER NOTES The Angels have demoted Ernesto Frieri, leaving side-arming veteran Joe Smith for the role. Smith, 30, recorded the first three saves of his career last season for Cleveland. While hes not the classic fire-balling closer, Smith has managed to miss bats this year, striking out 11 in 10 innings, the best rate of his career. Pirates closer Jason Grilli is on the DL with a strained oblique. Mark Melancon, who has 37 career saves, takes over. Melancon has been really good for the Pirates over the past couple seasons, posting a 1.41 ERA and 0.92 WHIP in 84 games, striking out 79 in 83 innings. If the Pirates are in position to win games, Melancon is qualified to close them out. Scott Cullen can be reached at and followed on Twitter at For more, check out TSN Fantasy on Facebook. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '
add to favorites TORONTO -- Scott Milanovich came to Anthony Calvillos defence Thursday. The Toronto Argonauts head coach said the media criticism Calvillo has endured this season is unfair and the veteran quarterbacks critics have been too quick to forget his many a COMPUTACIÓN - COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-15
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TORONTO -- Scott Milanovich came to Anthony Calvillos defence Thursday. The Toronto Argonauts head coach said the media criticism Calvillo has endured this season is unfair and the veteran quarterbacks critics have been too quick to forget his many achievements in his 16 seasons with the Montreal Alouettes. "Ive had a hard time watching whats going on with Anthony, particularly the heat he has taken from the media," Milanovich told reporters in his news conference prior to Friday nights game with Calgary. "The guy is a first-ballot Hall of Famer and has held that organization on his shoulders for years and years. "I feel like its not fair to him. Thats from an outsider that at one point was his coach and even today still feels protective of him." Calvillo, who turns 41 on Friday, missed Montreals game Thursday night with B.C. due to a concussion suffered in Sundays 24-21 loss to Saskatchewan. Third-year veteran Josh Neiswandermade his first CFL star in Calvillos absence, but was replaced by rookie QB Tanner Marsh in the Alouettes 39-38 rally over the B.C. Lions on Thursday night. But the injury to Calvillo just adds to the challenge of whats been a season to forget so far for the struggling Alouettes (3-5). The six-foot-one, 200-pound Calvillo, in his 20th CFL season and pro footballs all-time passing leader, is sixth among league passers with 1,322 yards. Calvillo began the 2013 campaign with a career completion percentage of 62.5 per cent but this year has completed 115-of-196 passes (58.7 per cent) with six TDs and five interceptions. Thats a far cry from Calvillos production the five previous seasons under former head coach Marc Trestman, now with the NFLs Chicago Bears, and Milanovich, who was Montreals offensive co-ordinator from 2008-11 before becoming Torontos head coach. Calvillo, a five-time CFL all-star and 10-time East Division selection, surpassed the 5,000-yard passing plateau three times over that span and in 08 had a career-high 43 TD passes. He also won two Grey Cups, two CFL outstanding player awards and was named a league all-star three times. This season, Montreals offence is ranked last in total yards (280 per game), passing yards (214.6), completion percentage (56.6) and second-last in scoring (22.3 points per game). New coach Dan Hawkins was fired after just five games and replaced on an interim basis by GM Jim Popp. But predictably a lot of the criticism for the Alouettes offensive woes this season has been directed at Calvillo. Milanovich earned two Grey Cup rings with Montreal before leading Toronto to a CFL championship last year. He said theres much more to appreciate about Calvillo than just his ability to play football. "I know what kind of person he is, what kind of man he is so I dont like to hear those sorts of things," Milanovich said. "As a friend, a concussion is always scary. "I dont know the specifics of how serious it was or how long hell be out or what his status was on the sidelines. I sent him a text this week (to say) I was thinking of him. Im always concerned for those guys." Wesley Walker Jersey. A rainy day saw the former champion Djokovic handle 14th-seeded Frenchman Jo- Wilfried Tsonga 6-3, 6-4, 7-6 (7-5) under the roof on the famed Centre Court. Eric Tomlinson Jersey. That was OK with him. He was just happy his team came away with two points. Letestu redirected Jack Johnsons shot from the point with 2:38 left, lifting the Blue Jackets past the Tampa Bay Lightning 3-2 on Monday night. - Mike Magee converted two penalty kicks in a 10-minute span of the first half and the Chicago Fire beat Sporting Kansas City 2-1 on Sunday. Wayne Chrebet Jersey. 2015 Oscar nomination pending. Here is an open letter from Steven Stamkos to his fans: When I shot this final Moment Zero film last August, it was a fun few days on set with Coke Zero and Jordan Eberle in my hometown of Markham. Lac Edwards Jersey. - Even with a new coach, the Denver Nuggets still love to push the basketball.HOUSTON -- Chris Carter homered twice and tied a career high with five RBIs to lead the Houston Astros over the Minnesota Twins 10-4 on Tuesday night. The game was tied in the third inning when Carters two-out, two-run drive to the Crawford Boxes in left field put Houston up 3-1. Carter connected again on his next at-bat with a three-run shot in the fifth which chased Minnesota rookie starter Yohan Pino (1-5). Carter leads the majors with 15 homers since July 1 and his six multihomer games this season ties a franchise record set by Lance Berkman in 2006. Tuesday was his second multi-homer game in a week and his 28 home runs are third in the American League and just one shy of his total in 2013. Collin McHugh (5-9) allowed four hits and a run in six innings for the win. Oswaldo Arcia homered twice for the Twins for his first career multihomer game. He gave Minnesota a 1-0 lead in the second inning and added a two-run shot in the ninth. Jake Marisnick, who finished with two hits, tied it with a solo homer to start Houstons third before Carters first home run put Houston on top. McHugh had retired nine in a row when Danny Santana doubled with no outs in the sixth inning. But McHugh sat down the next three Twins to end the inning. The Twins couldnt string any hits together and didnt have more than one baserunner in an inning once on Tuesday night. Minnesotas Joe Mauer singled in the first to extend his hitting streak to a season-high 14 games in his second game back from the disabled list. Pino allowed a season-high seven runs on seven hits in 4 1-3 innings for his third straight loss. Houstons Jose Altuve pushed his major league-leading hit total to 165 with three hiits and two RBIs.dddddddddddd It was his 51st multihit game, which also leads the majors. Marwin Gonzalez and Altuve both hit RBI singles in the sixth inning to extend the lead to 9-1 and Robbie Grossman drove in a run with a double in the eighth. Kennys Vargas added a solo homer in the ninth inning for Minnesota. TRAINERS ROOM Minnesota: RHP Ricky Nolasco (elbow) is scheduled to come off the disabled list to start for the Twins on Friday. Manager Ron Gardenhire said theyll likely limit him to 80-85 pitches. Houston: Manager Bo Porter said CF Dexter Fowler (back) will come off the DL and start on Wednesday. Fowler hasnt played since June 26. Fellow outfielder George Springer (quadriceps) had a setback in his rehabilitation and will be shut down for two weeks. Springer has been out since July 19. UP NEXT Houston LHP Brett Oberholtzer opposes Kyle Gibson. The Astros have won the last five games started by Oberholtzer. Gibson pitched seven scoreless inning in a win over the Astros on June 7. SOME KIND OF LUCK Tim Pinkard went from having never caught a home run ball to grabbing two of them on Tuesday night. Pinkard, who was visiting from Washington, D.C., caught both of Carters homers. Decked out in Astros gear, a beaming Pinkard raised his hands with a ball in each of them after snagging the second one. He texted his wife to tell her what happened and she didnt believe him until he sent pictures. "I wanted to sit in the Crawford Boxes because I know its one of the intricacies of this park, and I knew a lot of home runs get hit here," Pinkard said. "I knew this was home run territory, but I honestly didnt expect to catch anything." Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '
add to favorites ( - The surging Montreal Canadiens will try to match their longest winning streak of the season when they visit the Florida Panthers for Saturdays clash at BB&T Center. Listen to the action live on TSN Radio 690. The Canadiens have COMPUTACIÓN - COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-15
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( - The surging Montreal Canadiens will try to match their longest winning streak of the season when they visit the Florida Panthers for Saturdays clash at BB&T Center. Listen to the action live on TSN Radio 690. The Canadiens have boosted their standing in the Eastern Conference playoff picture lately, winning four straight and seven of their last eight games. Another victory on Saturday would match Montreals five-game tear from Nov, 30-Dec. 7 for its longest winning streak of the season. Montreal leads Tampa Bay by two points for second place in the Atlantic Division with the top three teams from each division earning automatic bids to the playoffs. The Lightning, who visit Buffalo on Saturday, do hold a game in hand over the Habs. Tomas Plekanec did not make the trip to Florida. With Boston close to clinching the division title and Tampa Bay nine points ahead of fourth-place Toronto, it seems likely the Canadiens and Lightning will face each other in the opening round of the playoffs. The teams finishing second and third in each division will face each other in the first round. The Habs last played on Thursday when they pulled out a 5-4 regulation win in Detroit. Max Pacioretty and Thomas Vanek each scored during a wild third period to help Montreal down the Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena. The Canadiens held a 3-1 lead after 40 minutes only to see Detroit even the score on two goals from Tomas Tatar in the first 4:30 of the third period. However, Pacioretty gave the lead back to Montreal at 5:48 of the third and Vanek made it 5-3 with 8:45 remaining in the period. Detroits Johan Franzen tallied 21 seconds after Vanek, but the Red Wings were unable to get even after that. Vanek added a pair of assists and Tomas Plekanec potted a pair of early goals for the Canadiens. David Desharnais had a goal and an assist, while Carey Price survived the three-goal outburst by the Red Wings in the final frame during a 26-save effort. "The second and third periods werent good at all. We got lucky that we found a way to win," Plekanec said. Thursdays test marked the start of a four-game road trip for Montreal, which improved to 21-14-2 as the away team this season. Florida is ranked 15th out of 16 teams in the Eastern Conference and is about to miss the playoffs for the 12th time in 13 seasons. The Panthers have lost four of their last five games and were held to one goal or less for the third time during that stretch after Thursdays 3-0 home loss against Carolina. Jiri Tlusty tallied twice and Anton Khudobin posted a 35- save shutout to help the Hurricanes down Florida at BB&T Center. Roberto Luongo started in net for Florida and stopped 11-of-12 shots in the first period, but the veteran netminder was forced to leave the contest prior to the start of the second after being run over by Carolinas Radek Dvorak with just over seven minutes left in the opening frame. Dan Ellis recorded 18 saves in relief for the Panthers, who have lost four of their last five games. Luongo will miss Saturdays game with an upper-body injury, leaving Ellis to make his third start of the season tonight since being acquired from the Dallas Stars. "Its never a fun situation because you know your partner, something might not be good with him," Ellis said of coming on in relief of an injured Luongo. "But thats the job and you have to be ready when they call you." Florida is 14-16-5 as the home club this season and is completing a three-game stay in Sunrise. The Panthers will then play their next two tests on the road before finishing the regular season on a five-game homestand. The Panthers are 2-1-0 against Montreal this season, but the Habs won the last encounter when it posted a 2-1 home victory on Jan. 6. The Canadiens have won four of six overall in the series, but Florida is 3-1-1 in the last five encounters at BB&T Center. Lawson Crouse Jersey. -- Los Angeles Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton will be sidelined for at least two weeks because of a strained calf muscle, and pitcher C. Derek Stepan Jersey. The traditional pre-Masters event was halted early due to inclement weather. Harrington, who tied for first in 2003 and won in 2004, became the first three-time champion of the event. Only it wasnt the extended right pad of his old teammate Jonathan Bernier early in the final frame, it was James Reimer, who stole a night that was supposed to belong to the former King. Mikkel Boedker Jersey. -- When Steve Blake checked in at the scorers table with 5:25 remaining in the third quarter, Stephen Curry shook his head and shouted across the court, asking Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson not to take him out. Michael Stone Jersey. The 31-year-old Spain midfielder hasnt played since Madrid lost in the Copa del Rey final to Atletico Madrid in May due to back and foot injuries. ST. LOUIS -- Shelby Miller turned things around against his nemesis -- with some help from his friends. The St. Louis Cardinals right hander pitched 5 2-3 scoreless innings to lead his team to a 1-0 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates Friday night. That outing was in complete contrast to Millers history vs. Pittsburgh. Miller (2-2) entered the game with a 0-5 record and a 5.93 ERA against the Pirates. He allowed just three hits and four walks while striking out four. "Im excited to get a win in general" Miller said. "But, obviously, Ive struggled against Pittsburgh and theyre a tough team. Theyre lineups great and they got good starting pitching and a good offence. Theyre not easy to get out. "Thats the first one against them. Its good to get it out of the way." MIller said that he made just a few subtle changes, but they paid off. "I found some back door cutters," he said. "I ended going in a little bit more on righties and just kind of mixing it up a little differently." Pat Neshek, Kevin Siegrist, Carlos Martinez and Kevin Rosenthal followed Miller and preserved the shutout. Rosenthal struck out the side in the ninth for his seventh save in seven chances. Cardinals manager Mike Matheny wished his pitchers had some margin for error. "You kind of hate to keep doing that to these guys, having to be perfect," Matheny said. "The bullpen did a terrific job." Matt Holliday had three hits, a walk and drove in the only run with a first-inning double. Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina singled in the eighth inning to extend his hitting streak to 15 games, matching his career high set in 2007. Pirates starter Gerrit Cole (2-2) pitched seven innings and allowed a run on six hits with three walks and four strikeouts. The Pirates lost for the seventh time in nine tries. Pittsburgh has won just three of its last 12 games. "We kneew there would be challenges coming into the season," said Pittsburgh manager Clint Hurdle.dddddddddddd "Were getting to face our fair share of them in April. You just keep mounting up and you keep playing." St. Louis got the only run it would need in the first. Matt Carpenter led off with a bunt single down the third baseline and he went to second on Jon Jays fielders choice to first. Holliday then doubled to right, scoring Carpenter. "The guy has been playing for 15 years, he knows what hes doing," Cole said of Holliday. Pittsburgh had Miller on the ropes in the third, as singles by Cole and Jose Tabata and a walk to Neil Walker loaded the bases. But Miller got Andrew McCutchen to hit into a 6-4-3 double play to end the inning. In the eighth, Pittsburgh had runners on first and third with no one out against Martinez after pinch hitter Starling Marte was hit by a pitch and Tabata singled him to third. Martinez got Marte hung up on a fielders choice back to him for the first out. After an intentional walk to McCutchen, Martinez struck out Pedro Alvarez and Chris Stewart to end the threat. "I dont know if you can get much tougher," Matheny said. "You look at where we were in that lineup and how we got there. Hes done that a couple of times now, where hes just been able to focus in and get the job done." NOTES: Pittsburghs Francisco Liriano (0-3) will try to get in the victory column when he opposes Tyler Lyons (0-1) in the second game of the series Saturday. ... Cardinals shortstop Jhonny Peralta snapped an 0-for-22 streak with a fourth inning double. ... Pittsburgh catcher Russell Martin left the game after grounding out in the fifth with tightness in his left hamstring. ... This series is the last three games of a 26-game stretch against Central Division opponents to open the season for the Pirates. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '
add to favorites Playing two games in one night has handed Raymond van Barneveld a final lifeline to stay alive in the Premier League, Wayne Mardle believes. The maverick Dutchman is languishing in seventh in the eight-man table, six points off the pace for a play-of COMPUTACIÓN - COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-15
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Playing two games in one night has handed Raymond van Barneveld a final lifeline to stay alive in the Premier League, Wayne Mardle believes. The maverick Dutchman is languishing in seventh in the eight-man table, six points off the pace for a play-off berth. But two games on Thursday in Belfast, live on Sky Sports, could yield four points and put Barney back in the hunt.Does Mardle back Barney? Heres his predictions... Robert Thornton v Peter WrightI loved the way Robert played last week. We thought hed be more relaxed after avoiding elimination and it proved the case against Michael van Gerwen. Peter Wright displays his sharp-shooting with a 161 checkout Thornton isnt going to get beaten 7-0 anymore, hes had a couple of those earlier this season but hes far too good for that.I think hell play well again but Wright is a better player. Wright has been putting himself in some really good positions without getting as many points as he should. Sky Live: PL Darts Everything you need to know about arrows in Belfast Prediction: I think Wright wins but, again, Thornton will be a tough nut to crack. Im going for 7-5 to Wright. (Wright to win 7-5 is 9/2 with Sky Bet)Raymond van Barneveld v Phil TaylorThis is a very important night for Raymond because, if he can nick four points, hes back in the mix. Hes got a lifeline. If he doesnt get all four points, hes out of it. He just cant afford to lose one of them because other players are picking up points. Draws are no good to Raymond. A classic 2007 Premier League clash between Taylor and Barney Phil is playing miles better than Raymond, although - I say this every week - we dont know what Barney will do and he doesnt know himself. He played brilliantly against Van Gerwen but poorly the next.Last week, Phil played James Wade and it was a poor game. But, there wasnt any point where it appeared like Wade had a chance of winning. Phil just kept him at arms length.Youd still go and see Pete Sampras v Andre Agassi, wouldnt you? I still want to see Barney v Phil, I want to watch a cracker.Prediction: Barney will play well but Phil will win, because Phil keeps finding a way to win. Hes confident and has an ability to read his opponent. (Taylor to win and score more 180s than van Barneveld is 2/1 with Sky Bet).James Wade v Adrian LewisThis is a massive game because only one of them, maximum, can make the play-offs. They cant lose to each other, then they need to beat Anderson. This is a must-not-lose match for both of them. Adrian Lewis edged a neck-and-neck leg to beat James Wade earlier this season Adrian has found it tough, he wasnt well last week and pulled out of an event at the weekend. I know he wasnt well over the weekend. Sometimes that doesnt matter but sometimes it does.This is close to call so youve got to go with the information that youve collated.Prediction: If I was going to have a punt, which Im not, then Wade is a good bet (Wade to win is a 15/8 chance with a narrow 7-4 win a tasty 7/1).Michael van Gerwen v Gary AndersonAnderson isnt guaranteed a play-off place yet - I said earlier this year that theres not four players better than Anderson. Well, last year there werent four players better than Taylor but he didnt make the play-offs, so my theory is out the window!Michael is a certainty for the play-offs - hes too good, and hes not losing games. Even when he doesnt win, he has chances to win. Hes looking anything but dodgy. Michael van Gerwen beat Gary Anderson in Newcastle this season I just cant read Anderson but Ill never back against him because hes too capable. Youve got to feel that Michael has the upper hand. Hes playing better and hes the odds-on favourite for a reason, because of his recent form.But Gary finds a way against Michael, and that sticks in the back of my head. Like when Barney plays Van Gerwen, its horses for courses. Certain players love playing others, and I think Gary loves playing Michael.Prediction: I think Van Gerwen will win 7-5 in a last-leg thriller. (Van Gerwen to win 7-5 is 7/1 with Sky Bet)Raymond van Barneveld v Robert ThorntonBarney is one of these players that, if hes got a chance to win, you can tell by his body language that he fancies it. When he plays Van Gerwen he says : You think youre good? Prove how good you are. Raymond van Barneveld finished on the bullseye for this superb 161 checkout When the games are not glamorous he doesnt fancy it. If he loses to Phil hell have nothing to play for. I think Robert just wants to win.Prediction: I think Robert will win - Id rather back someone who I know is 100 per cent going to try. I think Robert cares more than Raymond. (Thornton to beat van Barneveld is 2/1 with Sky Bet).Watch Premier League Darts from Belfast on Thursday, live on Sky Sports 1 HD at 7pm. Also See: Night 11 preview Talking points Saku Koivu Jersey. Louis, MO (SportsNetwork. Guy Lafleur Jersey. The striker headed Spurs into a 35th-minute lead and tapped in their third in the 71st after Chico Flores own goal. Wilfried Bony hit the bar and had a good penalty appeal for a push by Tottenham captain Michael Dawson turned down in the first half, before getting Swanseas consolation late on. Hardy finally got in on the fun Saturday, against a likely opponent. Phillip Danault Jersey. "Opinion: Womens World Cup is the best Soccer of the year," Hanks tweeted to his 8.73 million followers on Friday. "Hey FIFA, they deserve real grass. Put in sod. Jacob De La Rose Jersey.TV Series: Duck Dynasty.ST. LOUIS -- Arizona shortstop Chris Owings threw wildly to the plate on a bases-loaded grounder in the 12th inning, allowing Matt Holliday to score the winning run in the St. Louis Cardinals 3-2 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks on Wednesday night. The Cardinals cut down the go-ahead run at the plate in the 10th on Daniel Descalsos perfect relay throw from down the left field line to nail Ender Inciarte trying to score from first on Paul Goldschmidts two-out double. Holliday walked off Trevor Cahill (1-6) to start the 12th. Matt Adams doubled and Yadier Molina was walked intentionally. Allen Craig hit a grounder and Owings had plenty of time for a force play of the plate but his throw eluded catcher Miguel Montero. Seth Maness (2-2) allowed a hit in the 12th for the Cardinals, who persevered long after Michael Wacha was chased early by a foul ball lined off his pitching elbow while sitting in the dugout. Jason Motte worked 1 2-3 scoreless innings in his first appearance since the 2012 post-season. He got help from Holliday, Descalso and Molina on that nifty relay. The Cardinals left the bases loaded in the bottom of the 10th against rookie Evan Marshall, but couldnt push across the winning run. Wacha allowed two hits in six scoreless innings and made two outstanding defensive plays before Adams liner forced an early exit after 88 pitches. The team said Wacha, the NLCS MVP last fall, had a bruise and was removed for precautionary reasons. Gerardo Parras two-run homer off Carlos Martinez put the Diamondbacks up 2-1 in the eighth, their first runs in 17 innings in the series after Adam&nbbsp;Wainwrights one-hitter Tuesday.ddddddddddddPinch-hitter Jon Jays sacrifice fly off Brad Ziegler tied it in the bottom half. Wacha snared Martin Prados liner right back at him on instincts, throwing his glove up on the follow-through. He foiled a squeeze attempt by Arizona starter Brandon McCarthy later in the fifth, gloving the bunt in front of the plate and shovelling the ball to Molina at the plate in time to catch Cody Ross. The Diamondbacks unsuccessfully challenged, lobbying for an obstruction call at the plate. Martinez gave up the go-ahead run on a wild pitch in a loss to Atlanta on Sunday and has surrendered seven runs in 7 2-3 innings his last nine outings. Ziegler was scored upon for just the second time in his last 23 appearances. The Cardinals won a challenge and perhaps saved a run in the second when Montero was ruled out attempting to steal with one out. The next batter, Prado, singled. Molina had two hits, giving him 14 the first eight games of a nine-game home stand. NOTES: Rock n roll Hall of Famer Chuck Berry, 87 and a St. Louis resident, threw out the first pitch. ... Lance Lynn (5-2, 3.67) faces Wade Miley (3-4, 4.94) to end a nine-game home stand. Lynn is 2-0 with a 2.37 ERA against Arizona and 20-8 lifetime at home. Miley is 2-0 with a 3.00 ERA in five road starts this year. ... Opponents are 8 for 19 attempting to steal against Molina. ... In Wachas 10 starts, hes allowed two or fewer runs six times. ... Cardinals SS Jhonny Peralta, 1 for 21 against McCarthy, did not start. ... Arizona 2B Aaron Hill returned after missing three games with shoulder soreness and was 0 for 5. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '
add to favorites MIAMI -- LeBron James delivered his message loud and clear, without actually saying a word. Hes willing to leave Miami, if thats what it will take to win more championships. And what happens next will likely be up to not just the Heat, but Dwyane Wad COMPUTACIÓN - COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-15
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MIAMI -- LeBron James delivered his message loud and clear, without actually saying a word. Hes willing to leave Miami, if thats what it will take to win more championships. And what happens next will likely be up to not just the Heat, but Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh as well. Through his agent, James informed the Heat on Tuesday that he has decided to opt out of the final two years of his contract, a move that means he becomes a free agent on July 1. He will be able to sign with any team, including Miami, and Heat President Pat Riley said he "fully expected" James to take advantage of his early termination option. "We look forward to sitting down with LeBron and his representatives and talking about our future together," Riley said. The Heat have been preparing for this for some time. James, Wade and Bosh all got six-year contracts when they teamed up in Miami in July 2010, the last time free agency was accompanied by the sort of frenzy that will envelop the league over the next few weeks. But each of those deals came with options to leave either this summer or in 2015, in part to allow both the players and the team to have financial flexibility. James -- who averaged 27.1 points this past season -- was owed $42.7 million for the next two seasons, though that seems irrelevant in the sense that hell be getting plenty of money from the Heat or someone else for years to come. If he stays with Miami, he could sign a deal that would give the team room to manoeuvr within the structures of the salary cap and luxury-tax threshold. So could Wade and Bosh, if they choose to opt out as well -- and if both do, Miami would potentially have plenty of cash to spend on roster upgrades. Neither has announced their plans, though both have previously said they want to remain in Miami. "No news here yet," Wade said Tuesday. James stayed silent as well, with agent Rich Paul being the one who informed the Heat of the four-time NBA MVPs plan. But last week, while still dealing with the sting of losing the NBA Finals to San Antonio, James expressed how enticing the idea of flexibility is to him. "Being able to have flexibility as a professional, anyone, thats what we all would like," James said last week. "Thats in any sport, for a football player, a baseball player, a basketball player, to have flexibility and be able to control your future or your present. I have a position to be able to do that. ... Theres a lot of times that youre not in control of your future as a professional." Hes in control now. He turns 30 next season. He might just be entering his prime. James said last week that he, Wade and Bosh owed it to one another to have a conversation before deciding where to play going forward. It is unclear if those discussions have taken place. And while James opting out was largely expected, the ripple effect of the move was seen all over the sports world. The NFL, on its Twitter account, posted a photo of James dunking a football over the crossbar at the stadium his beloved Dallas Cowboys call home, light-heartedly asking him if he wanted to pass some time in a training camp while making his decision. And U.S. Soccer, also in a tweet, said it has a new team for him -- then attached a photo of mens national team jersey bearing James name and No. 6. Even hockey got into the act. "You know, youd be 6-10 on skates," someone posted to the Carolina Hurricanes Twitter account, in a message to James. For now, all that seems certain is James sticking to basketball. What team, thats now up for debate. Hes been with the Heat four seasons, been to the NBA Finals in each of those years, winning two championships and winning more games than any other team over that span. He seems to have largely recovered from the hit his image took when he left Cleveland for Miami in 2010, often saying hes much happier now as a person than he was then. Plus, his life has changed. He married longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson last year, and the couple is expecting their third child. "Players have a right to free agency and when they have these opportunities, the right to explore their options," Riley said. "The last four seasons have been historic and LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Erik Spoelstra have led the Miami Heat to one of the most unprecedented runs in the history of the NBA." Bradley McDougald Jersey. -- Coyotes coach Dave Tippett thinks of one thing when he watches Eastern Conference teams struggle against Western opponents before they get to Phoenix: His team must keep pace. Eddie Lacy Jersey. At 11:06 of the first period, Neal struck Marchand with his knee when Marchand was down on the ice. Marchand remained in the game. Neal was assessed a kneeing penalty for his hit on Marchand. Szabados joined the Southern Professional Hockey League team last week. The 27-year-old goaltender from Edmonton backstopped the Canadian womens hockey team to Olympic gold Feb. Shaun Alexander Jersey.Two San Francisco radio stations say they wont play the song during the duration of the World Series. A Kansas City, Missouri, station responded with plans to play the Grammy-winning track every hour from 7 a. Seattle Seahawks - The Calgary Flames were again involved in a game in which a team was held scoreless, only this time they came out on the winning side.CALGARY -- Mike Cammalleri has had a knack for scoring game-winning goals for the Calgary Flames lately. Cammalleri has scored 10 times since the National Hockey Leagues trade deadline on March 5 and four of them have been winners, including his goal with 7.8 seconds left in the second period of Calgarys 4-3 win over the New York Rangers at the Scotiabank Saddledome on Friday. "I think it has a lot to do with team play," said Cammalleri, who also scored the shootout winner in Calgarys 2-1 win at home over the San Jose Sharks on Monday. "To get a game winner, you have to win the game. I would think that were doing a lot of things better as a group and thats putting guys in positions where they can do things like that." Joe Colborne, Mark Giordano and Kevin Westgarth also scored for the Flames (31-36-7), who tied a franchise record (set in 2005-06) with their 45th one-goal game of the season. They improved their record to 22-17-8 in those one-goal affairs. "Around the league, were well known," Westgarth said. "Its never going to be an easy game against the Flames. Obviously the season hasnt gone the way that we wanted it to. Playoffs is the goal. Were not there this year. Were looking to spoiler a lot at the end of this season and were looking forward to having a big next year." T.J. Brodie had a pair of assists for Calgary, while goalie Karri Ramo made 38 saves to improve his record to 14-11-4. Brad Richards had a goal and an assist for the Rangers (41-30-4), whose winning streak ended at five games. "We knew coming into this game that Calgary was a very good team at four-man rush and they proved it tonight," said New York coach Alain Vigneault. "We didnt do a good enough job coming back in our zone and picking up the rush and after the rush protecting the front of our net. That led to Grade-A opportunities and they capitalized." Brian Boyle and Raphael Diaz also scored for the Rangers, who sit in second spot in the Metropolitan Division, just one point ahead of the Philadelphia Flyers (39-27-7), who beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-2 on Friday. Goalie Henrik Lundqvist finished with 24 saves in the New York net. "Theyve been playing well," Lundqvist said of the Flames. "Theyve been beating a lot of good teams. Theyre a fast team. It doesnt matter if you play a team in the playoff race. Guys are playing for pride and for jobs and theyre going to come hard no matter what." The Flames took an early 1-0 lead on a power-play goal by Colborne at 4:51 of the first period. After Curtis Glencross wired a wicked shot from the slot off the post, the puck found its way to Colborne, who backhanded a shot over the fallen Rangers goalie. Less than two minutes later, New York appeared to tie the game when Rick Nash threw a puck to the front of the net that bounced off of Martin St. Louiss skate and past Ramo. After review, referee Mike Leggo waved off the goal after it wass deemed St.dddddddddddd Louis intentionally directed the puck into the net with his skate. Giordano put the Flames up 2-0 at 16:49 of the first when he snapped a shot over Lundqvists glove hand, off the post and in. Late in the opening frame, Ramo made a great glove save to stop a point-blank shot by Derek Stepan, who was left wondering what the Rangers had to do to score. After stopping all 18 shots he faced in the first, Ramo allowed three goals on four shots early in the second. "They came back in the second with three relatively quick ones and that can deflate teams sometimes, but I think thats been a hallmark of our game is that response and the never-say-die attitude," Westgarth said. "Were at this point of the season playing big teams, playing teams with a lot to lose. Its a huge step in the right direction to be in every game and winning a lot of them." Boyle opened the scoring for New York at 2:12 of the second. After swatting a feed from Derek Dorsett off the post behind Ramo, Boyle easily tapped the loose puck in the crease into a wide-open net. Diaz tied the game 39 seconds later when his point shot deflected off Calgarys Kenny Agostino and Tyler Wotherspoon before finding its way into the back of the net behind Ramo. Richards capped off New Yorks goal-scoring spree when he took a pass from Carl Hagelin and beat Ramo with a shot to the top corner to put the Rangers up 3-2. Calgary coach Bob Hartley commended Ramo for keeping his composure after giving up the three quick goals. "He is so strong mentally," Hartley said. "Its almost like a boxer that takes a few good ones on the chin. You get wobbling but with Karri, hes solid, he stayed focused, than came back in the third period with big saves." Calgary tied things up again at 13:49 of the second when Westgarth knocked a loose puck in the crease past Lundqvist. Cammalleri then scored with 7.8 seconds to go before the second intermission when his shot squeaked through Lundqvists pads and across the goal-line. St. Louis had a great chance to tie the game just past the seven-minute mark of the third period, but Ramo made a sprawling save to deny the veteran forward. "I was able to read it pretty well," Ramo said. "Nash didnt really have any other options than to pass it because he was being tripped so I was able to read it." St. Louis has yet to score in 13 games since being acquired from the Tampa Bay Lightning by the Rangers at the trade deadline. He has just three assists in that span. Notes: After taking a hit from Dorsett late in the first period, Calgary defenceman Ladislav Smid left the game with an upper-body injury and didnt return. a The Flames are now 19-7-3 when scoring first this season and 19-4-2 when leading after two periods. a Calgary forward Sean Monahan is stuck on 19 goals in his rookie season. He hasnt scored in 11 games. During that same span, Westgarth and Brian McGrattan have combined for five goals. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '
add to favorites Soldiers, veterans and members of the public are gathering across the country and around the world to pay their respects at the 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day of November - to pay tribute to the 1.5 million Canadians who have served the COMPUTACIÓN - COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-15
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Soldiers, veterans and members of the public are gathering across the country and around the world to pay their respects at the 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day of November - to pay tribute to the 1.5 million Canadians who have served their country since the start of the First World War. Earlier this year, TSNs Michael Landsberg made a special trip with his family to Beny-Sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery in France - the permanent resting place for Canadian soldiers killed during the early part of the Battle of Normandy in the Second World War. And on this day, Michael shares his thoughts on that visit. Whether its in the realm of sports or in any other aspect of our society, today - like any other day - provides the chance to reflect upon those who gave their lives for our freedom and those who continue to do so today. Lest We Forget. I stood mesmerized by the emotional hologram, called Beny-Sur-Mer, the Canadian war cemetery near Juno Beach. Was this place hell dressed up to look like heaven, or was this heaven as the final journey from hell? Like a hologram, it was all about how you viewed it. I came to look beyond the beauty, beyond the flowers and the spectacular trees standing at attention honoring the men who would spend eternity under them. The simple beauty of this was blinding and that was the purpose. This to me, is the paradox of the war cemetery. On the surface, there is a carefree calm. But it is a deception, a ruse, a mask, designed to somehow give comfort to the grieving loved ones who visit. They stand above a six-foot no mans land dividing the living from the pain of the dead. The hologram showed all of us different things, depending on what we came looking for. Standing on the edge of the cemetery, I realized one had a choice. I looked at the rows and rows of dead and thought there are two ways to absorb it. The easy way is to stand and look at the headstones as a group, the same way you would look at a forest. That way you see its entirety, not the individual trees. Its easy if you cant see the trees for the forest. Now pick a headstone. Read the words, but look beyond the words, and consider what it all means. Really think about what this represents. Its not just about how he died, but rather how he might have lived. Make him human. Now it hurts. Now you cant see the forest for the trees. You know whats worse than imagining six million Jews killed? Learning about one. A number doesnt hurt the way a person does. Above the ground, acknowledgements of God are everywhere with every headstone marked by a religious sign. Every single one had either a cross or a Star of David. Was there not a single family who didnt feel like celebrating God? I watched an old man, standing over a grave make the sign of the cross. His hands were slowed by time and likely a pain that went far deeper than just his joints. I was glad for him that he found comfort in communicating with his God. I wondered whether I could make a thankful gesture to the Lord, over a heart that perhaps he had broken. I found Gods role confusing. I always find Gods role confusing, but more so in this place called Beny-Sur-Mer, a few thousand kilometres from my home and a million from what I have lived. This place, more than other cemeteries, was confusing to me because no one could gain solace or strength from saying, "He lived a good life, it was his time." Everyone in these graves went too soon. Each one a tragedy that spread out in a hundred directions: To Mom and Dad back home who had cried with joy at the birth of their son just a heartbeat ago. To brothers and sisters wondering why big brother isnt in his spot at the table. To grandparents who had rejoiced at his birth, volunteering immediately to babysit. Here in these graves lies not one soul, but many. Because when he was buried, so too were pieces of the people who loved him. There are 2,049 graves in Beny-Sur-Mer, all of them like elected officials, representing a much larger constituency back home. My experiences here and at the American War Cemetery, near Omaha Beach, were some of the most important of my life. I had studied World War II and D-Day, in particular, for the past five years - often until the mornings wee hours. While others slept, in the quiet of my home, I spent hour after hour trying to gain enough knowledge to transport me back decades. I wanted to better understand what it was like to be one of those boys, who would never live long enough to learn that they had been part of the greatest generation. I have often felt guilty about my passion for this war. It is not wrong to be stimulated by a thirst for knowledge about something that poisoned a generation? I thought I knew a lot, but as I took my first step into these sacred grounds I realized, while I knew many facts about the war, I actually knew next to nothing about what war did to those who volunteered to risk everything. And they did it not because of a letter that told them they had to fight. They went willingly, proudly and knowingly. Yes, knowingly. These kids were all products of another war generation. World War I still haunted their homes and their world. Yes, these young men had booked a ticket to hell knowing what lay ahead. I believe my generation has always felt both an awe and inferiority to this group of men and women. Have any of us not wondered - could I have done what they did? Have any of us not thought there is no way we could have shown the same bravery they did? There is no answer because, while hours earlier I had walked a mile on the same shores that they walked, I didnt even walk an inch in their shoes. I came to this spot wanting to learn. Acquiring knowledge though is like drinking salt water. The more you drink, the thirstier you get for more. The more I learned, the more I needed to learn. I was not content to read the headstones, telling me who was buried, but not revealing in any way who that person was. I felt like I owed more to these soldiers, these men, these boys of the greatest generation. Before I actually stepped a second foot into the Canadian cemetery, I was forced to do a double take. I have always wondered if these men buried here were in any way different than men buried in other countrys cemeteries. And there it was. The answer. Sitting there amongst the wreaths and letters, amongst the homemade crosses and flowers was a hat. All of these things were placed there to provide comfort for the living. We come to cemeteries, or at least I do, based on some kind of hopeful assumption that the dead will know we were there. Wishful thinking perhaps, but comforting just the same. This was perfect. The hat. Not just a hat but also a sign, a statement, a bridge between generations. My son and I saw it at the same time. Thats my son Corey, one of several hundred 27-year-olds in the cemetery at that time. The difference between him and the others was that they were losers of the random lottery-of-conception which dictated they were born in 1917 in Canada. Being part of the greatest generation came with quite a price tag. Corey and I were both captured immediately by the Team Canada 2010 hat. What is it that makes a group of Canadians different than groups from other countries? What are the qualities that we possess that others dont? Qualities that we have been gifted with, through some process, half Darwin, half Tim Hortons. If ever there was a Team Canada, it was the one that landed on Juno Beach. I asked our French guide, a remarkable man with astounding knowledge of the battle for Normandy, how Canadians fared compared to other nations. He said Canadians were the bravest, the most committed and the most willing to die for the buddy beside them. Was he speaking of a Canadian rifleman, or a Canadian infantryman or a Canadian hockey player? How do we describe a Canadian style of hockey? We know if you win the small battles, you usually win the war. If you have your buddys back, he will have yours. Take a hit to give a hit. Better still; take a hit to make a play for your teammate. And most of all we Canadians know that youre playing for the uniform not the name on it. Those buried in Beny-Sur-Mer could have been many things - wingers, defencemen, goalies, but they were soldiers. Looking at Corey and Casey and Karen, I thought about the victims of war who were never buried in graves and celebrated- the victims who lay awake at night wondering where their child was. What parent hasnt been frantic with worry 20 minutes after curfew? What kind of hell must it have been to be a parent with a child in Europe between 1939 and 1945? But especially on June 6, 1944. To be huddled around the radio, listening to words they all wanted to hear but dreaded hearing - “Allied naval forces began landing this morning on the northern coast of France.” Was this the beginning of the end of their nightmare, or was this simply the end? I looked at my son standing beside John Martin. John is the son of George and Cora Martin. He is younger than Corey, just 22, but they have a few things in common - they both love sports, love hockey and both love the Toronto Maple Leafs. And they both have the same crappy handwriting, and both appear to enjoy posing for the camera. Thats where the similarities end - Coreys hair is blond and straight and Johns is as wavy as, well the English Channel on June 6, 1944. John loved to sing as his mom played the piano, while Corey has never sung a note. The other big difference is that John is dead. I had searched for Johns grave after tweeting a week in advance that I was visiting Beny-Sur-Mer and would be honored to visit a loved ones grave. I didnt know anyone buried there and I felt like my trip would have more meaning and purpose if I could pay my respects. So I heard from a Rob Owens, whose uncle was buried there. His name: was John G. Martin. Standing at Johns grave, I was struck by how small it seemed. Just a narrow plot of land, a small gift to John from the French for giving his life to liberate their country. Standing there, lost in my own thoughts, I was confused. I looked around me and saw the people I loved most in the world and I realized what the confusion was - how could a grave that small ever contain all of the souls who were lost? Buried in that grave was not a single soul but parts of so many souls. For each one of the graves, there are so many whose hopes and dreams in life were killed by the same Nazi bullet that killed John. So now, I had met John G. Martin. Well, actually I had met a block of stone measuring 32 inches high, 15 inches wide and 3 inches thick. This told me little more than what the Geneva convention told John he had to give the enemy if he was captured: name, rank and serial number. Every headstone looked the same - the military cemetery may be one of the only places I have seen where the class system does not exist. Even the military hierarchy is absent. Every headstone is identical to the next. Row on row, they stand. There are no rich and no poor, no old money or new money. Money is a worthless currency here. Was it Thomas Jefferson who declared, “All men are destroyed equal?” I felt like I owed John more than what the headstone could tell me. So after returning home I asked Johns nephew Rob if I could see any mementos saved by his mom - who was Johns sister. He gladly obliged and when we met he handed me three large envelopes. I was excited and afraid to see what was inside and mostly felt undeserving of seeing what was there. When I got home, I emptied the contents of the larger envelopes onto my dining room table. There was now a large pile of letters, notes, pictures and newspaper clippings. I paused to take it all in. I was shocked to feel a far greater sense of sorrow standing over this pile of Johns history than I did standing over Johns grave. Here on my dining room table, where we have gathered a hundred times to celebrate the joy of living, here lay John G. Martin - son, brother, friend, hero. There were big and small envelopes and they all somehow looked so dignified. In 1944, mail somehow appeared more formal, more crisp, more important. I couldnt possibly share all I learned from this collection of history. In fact, I learned more from these 47 letters, 63 pictures and 45 newspaper clippings than I had learned from everything previous. I felt like a fool, having believed I understood anything about war. I will, however tell you about one letter. It somehow stood out from the rest. Im not sure why, but I just knew. It was standard 9” x 4” letter size. The kind of envelope you get bills in all the time. This was the largest bill ever paid. I wondered how it was delivered. Likely from a friendly face who might, on most days, hand over his mail with a “Good morning, Mr. Martin.” Did he hand it to him on this day? Did he look him in the eyes? Would he be scarred for life from passing along letters, some of which contained bombs that would explode after he was safely down the street? I held it in my hand, likely the same way Johns father did 69 years ago. I still didnt know what was inside, but somehow I knew. On the envelope it said simply: Mr. George Arthur Martin,Pickering, Ontario. Yes, this was a simpler time. A time when the post office knew where George Arthur Martins home was. And therefore they all knew that home being where the heart is, this letter might be destined to kill a part of everyone who read it. The envelope was torn in the corner and then cut neatly across with what I assume was a letter opener. I wondered how Johns dad had opened it? We all treat dread differently. Did he want to get it over with quickly, or did he want to hold onto hope as long as he could? I used my thumbs to separate the two sides of the envelope. I was sick. Sick for every parent who had ever done this. As I held it I thought of my own fears as a parent and my own demons all of a sudden seemed to return. What I held was every tragedy that war has ever caused. The tragedy of a parent, holding a paper whose weight was just a few grams but carried the weight of the world. Those who would send our young off to war should hold this paper. I thought of my own tortured moments as a parent. I thought of waiting with Karen in a doctors office, waiting to hear a diagnosis on Caseys eyes. I thought back to a night when Corey was out late and the phone rang and call display showed the police department. I thought of all of that. The unknown, the waiting, the fear, the helplessness - and I was crippled by sadness for the Martins, for all the Martins. The paper was folded twice - still standard procedure for placing letters in envelopes. The folds were deep and fitting. Their depth was a sign of the 69 years they had held the paper closed. Fitting because like folds in a furrowed brow, they strained from both the weight of time and the weight of the words written on the page. I slowly unfolded it. Looking at my hands I was surprised how old they appeared. These hands had held my children for a thousand hours each. They had thrown baseballs to Corey, helped Casey up onto a horse. They were well worn. The way they should be. I looked at the letter as a whole. Just a bunch of words, but words have the power to devastate, to kill, every bit as much as the famed German machine guns that killed so many of our boys on Juno beach so long ago. I looked at the top, again wondering how George Martin had looked at it. Did his eyes linger over the first six lines? They meant nothing. Did he fool himself into thinking it wouldnt get any worse? Department of National DefenceArmyOttawa, 23rd June, 1944Mr. George Arthur Martin,Pickering, Ont.Dear Mr. Martin. I stopped there. Again my thoughts werent mine by choice, but rather like I was being held down and forced to view a movie of my life. I saw Corey beside me at a hockey game. I saw Casey giving a speech as valedictorian. How could I go on? How could anyone go on? This was a moment that should never exist. I breathed in through my nose and out through my mouth, trying to prepare for the words I knew lay ahead. Had George Martin done the same? “It is with deep regret…” Nothing after that really mattered. “It is with deep regret,” the five most powerful words ever spoken. Five words that John, Cora, Helen and Mary Martin would carry with them for eternity. “It is with deep regret that I learned of the death of your son, B64089 Rifleman John Gordon Martin who gave his life in the Service of his Country in France on the 6th day of June, 1944.” This was the Emancipation Proclamation of their lives in reverse. They were now destined to be slaves to this letter for life. On this Remembrance Day, 2013, I will remember, not just the thousands of John G. Martins, but the many, many more who gave the ultimate sacrifice as well. Death doesnt just come when the heart stops, it comes when the heart is broken. In my hand I felt like I held the meaning of war. After a billion words written, after all the movies - this war, every war could be summed up in 14 words. It didnt matter whether the words were typed on a letter, written by hand, spoken at the door or perhaps never even conveyed, but just assumed - war was hell, even if you dressed it up to look like heaven. "It is with deep regret that I learned of the death of your son..." Wade Davis Royals Jersey.The Los Angeles Lakers star passed Michael Jordan for third on the NBAs career scoring list Sunday night in a 100-94 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves. Paulo Orlando Royals Jersey. The Los Angeles Clippers showed them just how ugly that life could be. Jared Dudley scored a season-high 21 points, Chris Paul added 16 points and 17 assists, and the Clippers jumped all over the Bulls in Roses absence for a 121-82 victory Sunday. Notes on P.K. Subban, Dale Weise, Erik Haula, Mikael Granlund, Ilya Bryzgalov and more. Eric Hosmer Jersey.m. ET, CBSOPENING LINE — Packers by 3RECORD VS. SPREAD — New England 7-4, Green Bay 5-5-1SERIES RECORD — Tied 5-5. Alcides Escobar Jersey. -- Canada played to expectation up until halftime.Judd Trump produced a great escape to keep alive his hopes of a first World Championship title. Trump was deep in first-round trouble at the tournament he regards as being 10 times bigger than any other when he dropped the opening frame of the day to slide 7-3 behind against Liang Wenbo.The 26-year-old, who reached the 2011 Crucible final and was a semi-finalist last year, then looked in trouble in the 11th frame, until Liang missed a tricky blind double on the green. The miss proved the turning point and although Trump was not at his best, he clawed it back to 7-5 before a sparkling 106 took him to within one frame. A nine-minute delay in the 14th frame interrupted the flow of thee match as 26-year-old German referee Marcel Eckardt took his time over replacing the scattered balls after Trump fouled.dddddddddddd Trump made light of the situation to level the match, added 69 in the next frame to go ahead, and despite Liang drawing level at 8-8 it was the Bristol-born cueman who marched through, punching the air in relief at the end.Joe Perry suffered a final-frame defeat in the last of the first-round matches to finish, going down 10-9 to Kyren Wilson.The 10th seed scrapped his way to a decider by taking a marathon 18th but Wilson - tipped as a future world No 1 by Ronnie OSullivan on social media as the final session was played - edged it to set up a meeting with Mark Allen. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '
add to favorites CALGARY – Steven Stamkos is the most prolific goal scorer in the NHL today. He has 185 goals over the last four seasons (294 games). Nobody has scored more during that stretch. In fact, its not even close as Alexander Ovechkin is second with 152 goal COMPUTACIÓN - COMPUTACIÓN 2018-05-15
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CALGARY – Steven Stamkos is the most prolific goal scorer in the NHL today. He has 185 goals over the last four seasons (294 games). Nobody has scored more during that stretch. In fact, its not even close as Alexander Ovechkin is second with 152 goals. But there is one situation in which the Tampa Bay Lightning forward has failed to put the puck in the net on a regular basis: the shootout. Stamkos has converted on just five of 27 career chances (18.5%). "Its something that, a lot of the time, is a mental thing," Stamkos explained. "When things dont go your way, you have negative thoughts heading into your next shot so its definitely something Im aware of and would love to obviously get better at." Stamkos missed on both his attempts last season and has found the back of the net just once in his last 13 attempts overall. "You skate toward the net in a game and theres a guy chasing you and you dont think about it and you score and you say, Why cant I do that in a shootout? Well, in a shootout everyones eyes are on you. The games on the line. You have more time to think. Almost too much time to think so for me its more of a mental thing and hopefully being a little more successful early on in the season will allow me to get some confidence." In the regular season, a missed shootout attempt may lead to a missed bonus point in this era of three-point games. But at the Olympics, a missed shootout attempt may lead to elimination. Dominik Hasek, for example, stopped all five Canadian shooters during the 1998 Olympic semi-finals in Nagano, allowing the Czech Republic to advance on the strength of Robert Reichels goal. That happened before the NHL implemented extra shots as a tie-breaking method. Now the Canadian staff will have a fairly good idea of who is up to the job should a shootout be required. And head coach Mike Babcock will have a number of solid options. Among the 47 players invited to this weeks orientation camp, here are the top shootout performers: Jonathan Toews - 49% (27/55) Sidney Crosby - 43% (23/54)James Neal - 41% (14/34)Chris Kunitz - 41% (13/32)Claude Giroux - 41% (12/29)Rick Nash - 39% (29/74)Jordan Eberle - 39% (9/23)Ryan Getzlaf - 38% (21/55)Andrew Ladd - 38% (6/16)Logan Couture - 37% (7/19) Stamkos ranks 20th on the list and based on that, Babcock may choose to leave him out of any shootout. NHL on TSN analysts Dave Reid and Mike Johnson debated who should get the call for Canada in an Olympic shootout during a recent episode of Thats Hockey. Reid included Stamkos on his list despite his poor track record arguing that you simply cant leave the NHLs top goal scorer on the bench in that situation. Wayne Gretzky, of course, was left off the shootout roster in Nagano, which led to plenty of questions back home. So if Babcock did call on him, would Stamkos be eager for the chance? "Yeah, everyone wants to be a hero," he said. "Theres obviously a lot of pressure, but you have to kind of run with it and hopefully you dont have to be put in that situation, because youve won the game before that, but its definitely something everyone would want to do." The 23-year-old doesnt see an easy fix when it comes to this mental block. "Its just something you have to overcome so it obviously doesnt happen overnight." Travis Benjamin Jersey. Tensions rose in the first period when Penguins defenceman Brooks Orpik hit Bruins forward Loui Eriksson with what appeared to be a clean hit. Keenan Allen Jersey.C. -- Duke sophomore Rodney Hood is entering the NBA draft. - A lot of scenarios ran through Terrell Suggs head when the Baltimore linebacker prepared to face the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mike Williams Jersey. Less than 24 hours after the Wolves lost at home to the Mavericks, 100-98, NBA president of basketball operations Rod Thorn announced Tuesday that Kevin Love was fouled on his right arm by Shawn Marion in the closing seconds and should have been awarded two free throws. Casey Hayward Jersey. Masahiro Tanaka has touched down in the United States and the courting of the Rakuten Golden Eagles stud pitcher has begun in earnest by a bevy of MLB teams interested in the Japanese ace.NEW ORLEANS -- Dirk Nowitzki scored 24 points, Monta Ellis added 23 and the Dallas Mavericks sent the short-handed New Orleans Pelicans to their fourth straight loss, 107-90 on Friday night. Vince Carter added 14 points and Jae Crowder 12 for Dallas, which never trailed. The Mavericks led by as many as 23 points in the third quarter before cruising against a Pelicans squad minus starting point guard Jrue Holiday and leading scorer Ryan Anderson. Holiday missed his first game with a stress fracture in his right shin. Anderson went down last week with a herniated disk. Eric Gordon scored 27 points for New Orleans, while Anthony Davis added 21 points, 13 rebounds and five blocked shots. That wasnt nearly enough to keep pace with the Mavs, who hit 14 of 28 3-point shots and shot 52.6 per cent (41 of 78) overall. Dallas broke open the game with a 27-6 run that spanned from late in the second quarter until Brandan Wrights layup made it 76-53 with 3:35 to go in the third quarter. Nowitzki scored nine of his points during the run, including one of his four 3-pointers. Brian Roberts started in place of Holiday, but was limited by early foul trouble and finished with nine points. Austin Rivers had 12 points. But the Pelicans turned the ball over 18 times, setting up 25 Dallas points. Meanwhile, Pelicans guard Tyreke Evans sat out the second half with a sore left ankle after missing his only two shots and turning overr the ball twice in the first half.dddddddddddd The Pelicans struggled to keep pace with Dallas from the outset, and the Mavs led by as many as 12 in the second quarter when Samuel Dalemberts dunk made it 40-28. It might have been worse if not for Gordons 14 points in the first quarter, and 19 in the opening half. Gordons 3 and driving floater on successive possessions capped a 10-0 run that pulled New Orleans to 40-38. The Pelicans were still as close as 49-47 with 3:16 left in the period, but with Nowitzki and Dalembert returning to finish the quarter, Dallas pulled away again. Nowitzki had 14 of his points in the opening half, and his 18-foot jumper ignited a 13-2 run to close second quarter. During the spurt, Ellis twice converted layups set up by New Orleans turnovers, giving Dallas 19 points off of 11 first-half turnovers. Jose Calderon and Ellis both added 3s as Dallas took a 62-49 lead into halftime. NOTES: The teams play each other again Saturday night in Dallas. ... The Mavs 62 points at halftime were the most allowed in a first half by New Orleans this season. ... In the past 10 days, New Orleans has allowed 60-point first halves three times, giving up 61 to Minnesota on Jan. 1 and 61 to Washington on Jan. 8. ... Since Dec. 28, Dallas has eclipsed 60 first-half points five times in its last eight games, with a high of 70 first-half points against the Los Angeles Clippers on Jan. 3. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '